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Emo Tik Tok Influencers Are 2020’s Version of the Emo Myspace Era

If you’re a millennial, you probably remember Myspace. Well before Justin Timberlake owned the lion share of the OG social media platform, the site was a place for admiring your friends and alterna-girls alike, kind of like Instagram if everyone was a little bit emo. Though nearly two decades have gone by since the site was the apex of cool, the styles that we worshiped on Myspace aren’t gone, per se, they’re just on Gen Z’s favorite social media platform, Tik Tok. 

Hairstyles of the “scene” or “emo” era are best exemplified by 2002 Avril Lavigne, 2004 My Chemical Romance, early aughts Jeffree Star, Kiki Kannibal, the IG page @f0rever2009 and the band Blood on the Dance Floor. Though it may seem like a bit of a stretch next to the balayage-perfect aesthetic of many influencers, a scene revival kind of makes sense considering 1) the cyclical nature of trends, 2) the fact that almost everyone has gone on some version of a rainbow color journey over the last 5 years, and 3) the new shape of cuts, which have gone from long and blended to purposely visible layers, with the new mullet exemplifying the trend.  

That being said, this decade’s scene kids are here, and they’re no longer hiding in the depths of the internet (or at the local Hot Topic) but in the forefront of subculture, killing it on Tik Tok. Here are the new standards in scene, by those carrying the trend’s torch.

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