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9 Sea Salt Sprays Better Than a Day at the Beach

The best thing about the beach is the way you look after it, and a lot of that has to do with salt. While the ocean (home to said salt) can make you look like an off-duty goddess in a two-piece, as soon as you head home to shower that je ne sais quois is washed right off. This is probably for the best because the beach can actually be super damaging to strands. Because you shouldn’t have to abandon your dreams of mermaidom, we hunted down the very best sea salt sprays for your hair so you can bask in textured tresses no matter how far you are from the shore.

Person with sea salt spray in their hair staring at the sunset from the ocean shore | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Unsplash / Blake Guidry)

David Mallett Australian Salt Spray: $45

Beach-tousled curls are a spritz away! This sea salt spray creates lasting volume that will make locks look like they’ve been out to sea.

David Mallett Australian Salt Spray | Mane Addicts

(Image Source: Revolve.com)

R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray: $28

This sea salt spray adds body and texture throughout thanks to key volumizing ingredients like cranesbill and yarrow plant extract. Balm mint prevents fading as sage and vitamin C fortify locks and protect from free radicals.

R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray
(Image Source: Randco.com)

French Girl Organics Rose Sea Spray: $20

Three varieties of sea salt combine for game-changing texture.

French Girl Organics Rose Sea Spray

(Image Source: Revolve.com)

Verb Sea Spray: $20

Quinoa protein conditions locks while sunflower seed and green tea provide protection. Seaweed extract and kelp keep oil in check to deliver necessary moisture.

Verb Sea Spray
(Image Source: Verbproducts.com)

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray: $29

This is the go-to sea salt spray for so many. Nearly everyone who uses it is left with the most luscious beach waves. Sea kelp adds shine, while ascophyllum nudosum extract adds softness, elasticity, and tames flyaways.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
(Image Source: Bumbleandbumble.com)

L’ange Hair Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray: $23

The best way to get beachy tresses is with straight from the sea ingredients. Made from sea kelp, sea salt, algae, and seaweed, strands are naturally, weightlessly hydrated.

L'ange Hair Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray

(Image Source: Langehair.com)

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray: $34

You don’t need to jet to the Galapagos, this all-around amaze spray is inspired by the exotic island. Rahua’s Enchanted Island incorporates natural pink sea salt, guayaba, hibiscus, and passion fruit for a truly tropical experience.

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray

(Image Source: Rahua.com)

Aveda Texture Tonic: $25

The best day at the beach involves effortless, undone hair. You don’t need to hit the waves to cash in on this runway-worthy vibe, just stock up on texture tonic. It combines cane sugar and salt for a touchable hold.

Aveda Texture Tonic

(Image Source: Aveda.com)

Sachajuan Ocean Mist: $34

All it takes is a few sprays of this delicate mist to give hair a curl pattern. You’ll look like you’ve spent the day lounging on a sailboat in San Tropez.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist

(Image Source: Shop.sachajuan.com)

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