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See Billie Eilish’s New Neon Green Roots

If there’s one person who can make neon roots cool, it’s Billie Eilish. The 17-year-old singer song writer has taken the music world by storm this year and is equally as known for off beat street style and her ever-changing hair colors. She made waves with her first song “Ocean Eyes,” where she sported platinum grey strands, but quickly became ubiquitous for her stormy blue hue which she mentioned in several interviews that it was an “accident” and not her favorite. After that she had dark brown hair for awhile, but just today revealed her newest hair switch–brilliant green roots!

We’re calling this the reverse ombre, because she essentially left her ends and lower mid shaft untouched and coated her roots with neon candy green that peeks out when she tousles it with her hands. Are you a fan of Billie’s new look?

Billie Eilish green hair roots

Billie Eilish green roots

(via Billie Eilish Instagram Stories)

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