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Everything You Need to Know About Selena Gomez’s New Blonde Hair

When your life is changing you want to change your hair—which is why when Selena debuted her platinum strands last night during her first performance since her kidney transplant at the American Music Awards, we all sighed a collective, “you go girl.” The color has been making headlines all day, and we’re not surprised—everything Selena does lately winds up on the front page. The trendsetter extraordinaire, who happens to be the most followed person on IG ever, has a new (old) love and has been transforming in front of our eyes since 2017 began.

Selena Platinum
(image via Instagram)


We should have known something was up when Selena got the trendiest cut of the summer, shearing her long locks to a chin-length bob back in August. Since then she has officially gone from girl next door to edgy, with her purposely grown-out—dark roots and all—blonde lob sealing the deal, solidifying she is ready for a change. The triple threat took to Instagram yesterday to announce, “so I am blonde now.” We noticed!

From long…


Bad Liar music video is out by the way

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To lob…

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To blonde!


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This is the first time Selena has experimented with a lighter color, and we love that she took this major night in music to premier the change. Selena’s hair besties of seven years, Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee of Nine Zero One Salon cut several inches off after coloring, in order to really heighten the transformation, while leaving her baby hairs their natural shade for added pop. It’s no doubt the two took their time to make sure the job was as non-damaging as possible, given their track record (the duo is notorious for taking their time, having spent 10 hours on Julianne Hough’s wedding color) Not to mention, Selena’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it wig she posed in on IG stories just before the official unveiling, which suggests this wasn’t a quick processing. She totally had us fooled into thinking she got bangs for a hot minute!

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Selena Platinum

(image via Instagram)


It’s never easy to go from dark to light, but when you go through major life changes like Selena—i.e. a major health event, breaking up with the Weekend and getting back with an ex (cough, Justin, cough), releasing a brand new album and serving as the ambassador for Coach, sometimes the best way to say I’m ready for my new life now, is with new hair. Whatever her reasons for the change, we are loving her patented shade of “Nirvana Blonde” – and we’re pretty sure the Biebs does too… #Jelena4Eva.

Thinking of changing your look to match your new life? May we suggest, Marigold?


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