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Everything You Need to Know About Selena Gomez’s New Shaggy 70s Style

Instagram is a photo album of sorts, saving our best looks and memories for posterity. When you are one of the most followed starlets on the social media channel, its hard to keep your fans on their toes. Not for Selena Gomez…especially when it comes to hair. The songstress debuted an epic shaggy haircut that made all of our 70s dreams come true.

Her hairstylist Marissa Marino proudly beamed on social media when she posted a denim-clad Selena debuting the new look. “New shag” she reported, with a very-fitting haircut emoji following her proclamation. Queen Selena was in London promoting a project when she was photographed with her new shaggy haircut in full swing.

Selena had recently debuted a very different red carpet look, also courtesy of Mane Master Marissa Marino. Before her 70s shag, Ms. Gomez sported a sleek lob with a middle part. That look was more reminiscent of the 1920s, when women opted to give their hair a long-bob (get it?…Lob!) that grazed their shoulders and/or collar bones. For this reason, Instagram couldn’t help but be surprised when the star fast-forwarded a few decades with her next look. This drastic change is all par for the course for the multi-hyphenate, always keeping her Insta followers on their toes. What will she and Marissa Marino come up with next?

If you tried pulling a Selena and it didn’t work out, HERE are the best styles for that in-between growth stage.

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