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MANESPIRATION: Selena Gomez’s W Magazine Spread

Selena Gomez W Mag Beach Hair

Forget everything you think you know about Texan-born pop star Selena Gomez. Over the past year, the 23-year-old brunette (who boasts a whopping 63.5 million Instagram followers) focused on forging a new public image, one far outside the realm of both her Disney Channel beginnings and the shadow of her same-old-love Justin Bieber. As part of the process, she released her second studio album Revival, landed a few big movie roles and even made an angelic appearance on the Victoria’s Secret Runway.

Selena Gomez  Beach Hair Cowboy Hat W Mag

This week, W Magazine released the photos from Selena’s upcoming cover for their March 2016 American Fashion Issue and by the looks of it, she’s just getting warmed up. Gomez teamed up with avant-garde photographer, Steven Klein, stylist Patti Wilson, and makeup artist Kabuki and managed to transform herself into a bonafide Hollywood muse.

Selena Gomez  Beach Hair Cowboy Hat W Mag

She’d almost be unrecognizable if it weren’t for her iconic, thick, dark brown hair which, in this case, is styled to perfection by none other than hair genius Shon Hyungsun Ju. He created modern yet voluminous beach waves that are perfect for her petite frame. He finished with just the right amount of gloss so that her strands glistened gold in the Malibu sunlight.

Selena Gomez  Beach Hair Cowboy Hat W Mag

Our favorite accessory from the spread? Her Miu Miu tiara. America’s long-time teen queen is officially all grown up.

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