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Selena Gomez’s Hairstylist Reveals What Life is Like on the Revival Tour, and it’s NOT What You Think

Selena Gomez Revival Tour

If there’s one thing to take away from Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour, it’s that the girl can werk a head of hair! So it comes as no surprise that the natural brunette was named the new face of Pantene just this year. While her Instagram selfies have us begging for a new curling iron and her on stage hair flips have us lusting after a thicker mane, we had to hit up her hairstylist, Marisa Marino (yes the girl who gave her those jaw dropping highlights and sexy eyebrow grazing bangs) about what life is really like on tour, and it’s not what you think. Below, find Marisa’s diary straight from a day on tour.

10 am: Wake up (time depending on how late we arrived at the hotel the night before).

10:02 am: Check our tour group chat and see who’s up and discuss what we all want to do!

10:30am: Meet up with whoever is awake for either avocado toast, a workout or spa time! We all love a good steam room. 

12pm: I like to check out the town we are in as much as possible. Sometimes I’ll go have lunch by myself at a cool spot or sometimes just walk around, especially when we are near any type of river, lake, ocean, etc. I’m a beach girl!

3pm: Head to the venue.

5pm: Start hair and makeup for Selena for her meet and greet.

 6:30 pm: The makeup artist and I have dinner at catering while Selena does her meet and greet.

8pm: Begin hair and makeup for the show.

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Typical day in the glam room 😂 #revivaltour

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9:10 pm: Prayer circle with the whole team before the show.

9:20 pm: Show time! 

There are 4 different quick changes throughout the show so I go into the pit area and jam out and then go back into the quick change room one song before she comes off stage to change. 

  10:45 pm: Show is over! 

11pm: Pack up my kit and head back to the bus!

11:15pm: Change and get ready to hit the road and also sometimes indulge in after show food or some wine!

11:30pm: Off to the next city! The drives range anywhere between 2-15 hours. If it’s a 2-3 hour drive I will stay awake until we arrive to hotel because then it’s easier to fall asleep, rather than getting woken up and having to try to go back to sleep! Otherwise I sleep all night on the bus and then voila, wake up in a different city! It’s definitely a fun and exciting ride!

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Los Angeles 🌟

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Think you can handle life on tour?! Make sure to follow Marisa Marino for more behind the scenes.

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