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A Definitive Ranking of ‘Selling Sunset’ Star Christine Quinn’s 15 Best Hairstyles

Watching season after season of Selling Sunset, one thing is abundantly clear: It’s Christine Quinn‘s world and we’re just living in it.

The ever-so-stylish real estate agent gives us everything we want—thrilling drama, stunning outfits, and gorgeous hairstyles. What more could we ask for from the HBIC of The Oppenheim Group?

While we could write an entire thesis on Christine, we’re here to talk about some of her best hairstyles on the show. What can we say, binging the show over and over again during quarantine really breeds inspiration.

Wondering which look took our top spot? Scroll below to find out! And feel free to argue with us in the comments.

15. Straight Strands

When Christine isn’t sporting one of her more elaborate hairstyles, she’s often seen with straight strands. And they’re still somehow more fabulous than anyone else’s locks. The ‘do is one of our favorite everyday looks from Christine, especially because it’s paired with an even more iconic outfit.

14. Classic Curls

Another everyday hairstyle Christine wears quite often is the classic curls. We love a good curly hair moment, because they’re so timeless and elegant. Christine always looks like an old Hollywood glamour star with her hair in loose ringlets. She even sported the style on her wedding day and looked like the most beautiful bride that ever walked down the aisle.

13. Beachy Waves

Nestled in between her spectrum of curly and straight, we have Christine’s gorgeous beachy waves. She makes the style look so effortless and chic, it’s like a life-size Malibu Barbie.

12. Single Boho Braid

This hairstyle was sported during a pretty climactic season one finale, so it was very overlooked (in our humble opinion). Nevertheless, this single boho braid deserves more attention than it received. So, we’re giving it some time in the spotlight, though not too much.

11. Tame Top Knot

Christine means business and she shows that with this tame top knot. You have to have a very particular face shape to pull off this look and, of course, Christine has it. She really looks flawless in anything, while also bringing a professional edge to her hairstyles. We’re going to start sporting this look whenever we need some help unleashing our inner boss babe.

10. Sky-High Ponytail

Christine has worn her fair share of ponytails on the show, each one more fabulous than the next. Her classic sky-high pony is so stunning. We wouldn’t mind if she hit us in the face with it. What? Who said that? No, but seriously…

9. Fantastical Fishtail

We have seen some pretty intricate braids over the course of our lifetime, but Christine’s fantastical fishtail never ceases to make our jaws drop. There is so much going on, but it all works together seamlessly. We’re still in awe as to how this was even created.

8. Glamour Bun

First off, let’s recognize this solid gold look. The Oscar statue may need to be modeled after Christine now. Anyway, back to this glamour bun. Fun and flirty, this is very much Christine’s vibe. It compliments the outfit without overshadowing it. And the gems in the bun are the ultimate embellishment. This is a look we will be stealing for sure.

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7. Rapunzel Pony

How could anyone forget this iconic Christine hairstyle? We really can’t put into words how incredible this Rapunzel ponytail truly is. It’s everything and then some, really.

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6. Sporty Space Buns

Christine’s updos are always something to marvel at. She seldom ever wears a style one could describe as basic. These sporty space buns are a great example. They way they’re braided in the down the front and up the back brings so much amusement to her hair.

5. Powerful Pigtails

Starting off the top five, we have Christine’s powerful pigtails. She looks like a Powerpuff Girl and we are endorsing her to play one in a live-action remake for her hair alone. Pigtails are also pretty difficult to pull off, given they can look really childish and silly. Leave it to Christine to rock ’em like a warrior princess—no, queen.

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4. Bedazzled Braid

Another overlooked hairstyle worn during yet another fiery season finale, Christine wore this to Heather’s broker’s open. While we definitely watched this episode for the drama, we had to pause multiple times to fully take this braid in. Of course the braid is yet another floor-length original, but the gems and jewels adorning the strands are incredibly fabulous. We are in dire need of an excuse to attempt this braid ourselves.

3. Butterfly Bubble Ponytail

What a fairytale dream this butterfly bubble ponytail is. There’s no other way to describe this look than stunning from head to toe… literally. Rapunzel, you need to watch out. Or don’t, we think Christine could fill your shoes (er, tresses?) quite nicely. We’d like to fly away to whichever magical land these butterflies will take us, so long as we get a lengthy ponytail of our own in the process.

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2. Blooming Flower Buns

We wish we could find a better photo of these blooming flower buns, but we guess you’ll just have to watch the show to see them for yourself. When we first saw them pop up on our screen, we paused the show immediately. That doesn’t happen often… well, except for the bedazzled braid we talked about earlier. The point is, for such a sweet and simple hairstyle, the flower buns are blooming magnificent.

1. Chained-Up Pony

Out of all of Christine’s Selling Sunset hairstyles, this chained-up ponytail will always remain our favorite. It solidified her title as That Bitch™ on the show. She came to a casual dinner party in a feathered frock and this hairstyle. In that moment, we knew we had to bow down to her. When Rihanna said “chains and whips excite me,” she was talking about this hairstyle right here.

Hoping to achieve some of Christine’s iconic hairstyles on your own? Check out THIS ranking of the best clip-in extensions to get started!

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