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6 Senegalese Twist Styles to Channel This Hot Girl Summer

Hot girl summer is in full swing. And you know what that means? New and gorgeous protective styles to channel. This summer is all about Senegalese twists. Find some inspiration in the stunning Senegalese twist hairstyles we’ve rounded up below!

1. Senegalese Side Twists

Wrap those twists to one side of your mane for a long, luscious look that goes on for days. We live for a good side braid in general, but amping it up to a protective style? Bomb.com. A glowy makeup routine to complement the look is also encouraged.

2. Medium-Sized Senegalese Twists

Not too large and not too small for all our in-between queens. These twists were simply made for summer. They go with everything from a bikini to a wine-tasting fit. Shades or no shades, this look will also still steal any poolside show.

3. Accessorized Senegalese Twists

To really make your style pop, you have to embellish. Add twists with shells for a little extra pop or gold accessories if you really want to exude those golden goddess vibes.

4. Slicked-Back Senegalese Twists

When it doubt, slick it back. This slick Senegalese twists hairstyle is the perfect way to keep hair out of your face while tanning, just sayin’. Bonus points if you add accessories to this style as well.

5. Senegalese Twist Buns

Space buns are always a good idea, but making them Senegalese twists? Iconic. Go on and rock them at the park, out at the beach, on a hike—they look fab any time, anywhere.

6. Passion Twists

Okay, so these are actually passion twists, but who’s complaining? We had to include these next-level braids in the mix because they’re yet another protective style that deserves more attention. Another thing to consider? Trying out a new hue to go with!

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