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How to Cop the Sexy Beach Waves from Miami Swim Week’s Tori Praver Show

    Blonde Beach Hair for Miami Swim Week

Tori Praver’s Resort 17 collection at Miami Swim Week was a Greek, royal castaway. When Giovanni Vaccaro, Creative Director of Glamsquad met with Tori Praver to discuss the inspiration they thought of a Grecian Goddess: the woman who’s in Mykonos and Santorini just getting out of the sea. Think her hair 10 to 15 minutes after she gets out of the ocean. Yes, exactly.


In the beginning the hair was slated to be drier but in the creative evolution the look became slicked and wet thanks to OUAI Hair Oil.



  1. Create a middle part and section the hair to apply OUAI Finishing Creme and OUAI Wave Spray all over.
  2. Use a blowdryer and fingers to smooth the hair.
  3. Finish by applying OUAI Hair Oil all over the shaft and ends to create a shiny, wet finish.

BRB booking a flight to Mykonos stat!



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