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13 Shampoos for Baby That Also Work for You

If you treat your skin and hair as though you would a baby’s, you just might wind up being baby soft all-over. It’s a theory we’re definitely we will to try out—especially since we feel like we’ve unearthed a newfound, gentler category of haircare. These shampoos are formulated for babies (who have skin that’s 30% more delicate than adults) using ingredients that are organic and toxin-free, making them perfect for anyone who’s got sensitive skin or wants a weightless wash—and if there’s one thing we believe in, it’s that great hair and skincare are ageless. So, no more tears, here are the best baby shampoos that work just as great for you.

Shampoo should be safe. HERE are the toxic ingredients that could be lurking in your go-to’s.


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