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SHOP Our Mane Merch Now!

Our Mane merch drops TODAY and we couldn’t be more amped to introduce these kit essentials.

Mane Merch


Protect your face from styling products with our mane addicts face shield. The Instagram iconic Spray It + Slay It is now finally available for you to call your own. The ultimate glam squad conflict resolver, Spay It + Slay It allows hair touch-ups without messing with your make-up, so you can adjust your mane and spray away until you’re out the door—eyes fully open and eye shadow truly unbothered.

Best of all, the so-necessary baby pink face-shield encourages extra hair TLC, and we’re always team that—especially without any risk of hairspray mixing with moisturizer or getting stuck in mascara (we’ve all been there before). This boomerangable shield is a much prettier way to leave that sticky hair products-meet-make-up hybrid behind, for good—and without the crink in your neck.

Mane Merch


Mane Merch


Store your hot tools in style for on-the-go glam. Could your hot tools use a cuter coat? Ours too. Even though we’re always on the go with our beloved stylers, we’re constantly faced with the issue of how to carry them—either they’re thrown into a too bulky case or packed solo, and though we hope for the best, it’s really not the safest bet for protecting fragile and expensive gear. This slim case solves the mobile hot tool dilemma, allowing you to tote your tools in style sans bulk (not to mention unsightly cords taking over your bag). Complete with a handheld top cutout for ease of transport, this is the sleekest hot tool travel option we’re currently swearing by.

Mane Merch

Mane Merch

Mane Merch

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