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Channel Your Inner Witch With These Apothecary Hair Products

Potions, lotions, spells and cauldrons–yep, it’s Halloween! But we don’t need a hallmark holiday to give us an excuse to break out our witchy beauty potions. Over the past few years we’ve noticed a trend towards Wiccan, occultism, and other nature-based faiths making their way into beauty products–specifically, hair. Whether it’s an homage to witchery with a cheeky name, or an age-old floral hair rinse–we’ve curated our fave witchy hair products that are sure to delight your inner occultist.

Practical Magic Gif

(via Instagram)

VERB Ghost Oil: $16

Revitalize your tired, dry hair with a boost of nutrients in this moisturizing oil from VERB.

VERB Ghost Oil Witchy Hair Products

(via Urban Outfitters)

Flowers In Her Hair Nourishing Floral Hair Rinse: $22

Pick up this whimsical blend of flowers and herbs, to be brewed as a luster-restorative floral hair rinse. There is something magical and ceremonial about pouring an infusion of flowers over your head. The flowers and herbs in this blend are chosen specifically to nourish the hair with minerals and support a healthy scalp!

Flowers in Her Hair Floral Hair Rinse Witchy Beauty Products

(via Plantfolk Apothecary)

BATHVS Solid Shampoo Bar: $10

A good witch should have a few tricks up her sleeve. Ours is this magical BATHVS solid shampoo bar that revolutionizes how we wash our hair. One bar is equivalent to two shampoo bottles and is totally safe for color-treated locks.

BATHVS Solid Shampoo Bar

(via Urban Outfitters)

Lulu Organics Hair Powder: $12

Need to spruce up your three day old hair? Or just need a little lift and va-va-voom! It doesn’t take magic–all you need is a little shake of Lulu Organics hair powder–it’s all natural, talc free and Certified organic and vegan.

Luu Organics Hair Powder

(via Free People)

Petal Multi-Use Oil: $28

This beautiful floral potion can be used on your hair, skin and nails! Use it to hydrate post-shower strands, or leave it on overnight for a deep condition.

Urban Outfitters Petal Mult-Use Hair Oil

(via Urban Outfitters)

House of Intuition Hair Mystics: $18

Having a hair woah? House of Intuition’s line of Hair Mystics will help you out from tresses to toes. This aromatherapeutic hair mist is infused with 100% essential oils, crystals, flower energy, plant medicine and sea salt, an important cleansing tool used throughout many ancient cultures for protection rituals and to help purify your aura. You can choose from Scalp Healing, Wisdom, Balance, Elegance and Harmony.

HOI Hair Mystics Witchy Hair Products

(via House of Intuition)

Three Sisters Apothecary Rosemary & Orange Leave-In Conditioning Oil: $9.50

If you’re looking for an online store to satiate all your witchy desires, look no further than the Soap Caldron. Our pick is this sumptuous leave-in conditioner oil with rosemary and orange that’s sure to delight your strands.

Three Sisters Apothecary Leave in Conditioning Oil

(via Soap Caldron)

Still craving more Halloween? HERE are five delicious pumpkin-scented hair products. 



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