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WHAT TO BUY: Shopping for a Hair Brush like a Pro

olivia garden brushes

Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries when it comes to hair care are hair brushes! How are you supposed to know when to use what brush and why are there so many?! Do brushes really make a difference in how your hair looks and feels? The answer is YES! Using the wrong brush could be your biggest hair care mistake, setting you back from achieving your #hairgoals. Need to know which is right for you? Just keep reading to find out!



Detangling Brushes, sheila stotts brush, the wet brush, sephora wide tooth comb, mane addicts

The rule of thumb hardly any girls listen to is to be cautious with your hair when it is wet. That means T-shirt drying, using a leave-in conditioner, and not brushing your hair! Instead, be sure you are using either a wide tooth comb, a wet brush, or the Sheila Stotts extension removal brush (I know that sounds weird, but it’s literally so great for detangling super fast!) on damp strands to keep them strong and healthy.



fine hair brushes, mason pearson, ibiza brush

Fine hair types need to be wary of brushes that pull with too much tension or that get too hot (say no to metal brushes!). Instead opt for something soft that will smooth your tresses without causes damage or breakage. We suggest a Mason Pearson brush and an Ibiza boar bristle brush for a shiny finish. Wanna look into budget friendly options? Click here.



Volume Brushes, YS Parks Brush, Drybar brush, mane addicts

For loads of volume you need a brush with ALOT of tension. We love the YS Parks Curl Shine Styler for a curly finish and the Drybar Full Pint Medium Round Brush for loads of lift. Pro tip: Use the cool shot after hair is dry to ‘set’ the style.



coarse hair, olivia garden brushes, olivia garden ceramic ion brush

The opposite of fine hair type, coarse hair types need a brush that is sturdy, gets hot, and provides adequate tension for your strands. We love the Olivia Garden Heat Pro Ceramic + Ion brushes for a super fast blowdry that lasts. Added bonus: the extra long handle makes it easy to grip and style.



Curly Hair Brushes, Olivia Garden Brushes, Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Brush, Mane Addicts

Looking for a smooth finish for your curly strands? You need a ceramic brush that will smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, preventing frizz and flyaways. We love the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal brushes for the sleekest, frizz free finish.



Damaged Hair, Olivia Garden Brushes, Spornette Brush, Mane Addicts

Using  a brush that gets too hot or with too stiff bristles on damaged strands means your can break with the blowdry. If your strands are weak, prep hair with an oil or serum then blowdry with a soft boar bristle brush, like the Spornette Italian Round Boar Bristle Brush or the Olivia Garden Round Boar Bristle Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brush for a gentle blowdry.



Olivia Garden Teasing Brush

The secret to red carpet ready voluminous strands? The teashing brush! While combs can feel old school, use an Olivia Garden Style Up High Performance Professional Styling Brush. It’s super compact and you can stow it in your purse for easy touch ups on the go!



Brushes for Long Hair, Olivia Garden Eco Friendly Paddle Brush, Harry Josh Paddle Brush

Long hair takes forever to dry and can be a pain on your wrist and arms. Save time by blowdrying with your fingers until the hair is just barely damp then use a paddle brush to hold lots of hair at a time. We suggest the Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Paddle Brush or the Harry Josh Pro Tools Wooden Paddle Brush.



Wanna learn more about brushes? Check out the Mane Addicts Brush Guide.

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