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Shopping For Your Man’s Mane

Men's Hair Grooming Buy Shop

Confession time; I shop for my man’s hair products. It’s not that he won’t, it’s just that I can’t resist another reason to browse the aisles of my favorite products. Can you blame me? Anyway, I thought I’d share my findings with you in case you ever need to shop for men’s hair products, too (the holidays are coming up, after all). Here are 7 of my favorite hair products, for my man…


My guy is a shampoo-only person (wtf?, are all guys like this?). He says conditioner makes his hair ‘puffy’. As much as this makes me cringe I respect his decision, so my go to shampoo for him is Aesop’s Calming Shampoo because it adds moisture, soothes any dry scalp and smells great on him.

Once in a while, he agrees to a head massage with MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment. A little goes a long way!


Most of the guys I know (mine in particular) need to touch-up between appointments with their stylist. For clean edges, we like Panasonic All-In-One Trimmer. Yes, we – how else do you think he gets the back of his neck?


His go to-styling product is a pomade or wax. He likes a wax for damp hair and pomade for touch up, although I don’t think he’d be opposed to one product for both jobs. Right now he loves Octavio’s Barro Styling Clay and OUAI’s Matte Pomade. He also uses the latter if we’re going somewhere fancy because he doesn’t wear cologne and likes the scent for a night out.

As for his comb, he’d be happy with a $2 one but (since he doesn’t need very many things) I bought him a this one from Chicago Comb Co. It’s well-made and looks a helluva lot nicer if he leaves it out on our bathroom counter. Also, I use it if I’m in a pinch. 


My man travels a lot so his dopp kit gets a ton of miles, literally. I bought him a bag from Lululemon a while back which is great but they don’t carry them anymore. When that gets old, I have my eyes on this one from Barbour.

What product do you love that your man uses? I’m always looking for recommendations!





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