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5 Times Euphoria’s Kat Hernandez Gave Us Short Hair Envy

We’ve been salivating over Kat Hernandez’s style ever since her character graced our screens on HBO’s Euphoria. Actress Barbie Ferreira plays a feisty high schooler with a grown-up style. We can’t turn away from her perfect short bob and the way she expertly styles it on the show. Here are five times that Euphoria‘s Kat Hernandez served up short hair envy.

Dominatrix Side Part

Nothing says confidence like a red outfit with a body harness. Barbie’s character on the show expertly paired her bold outfit with a tame hair ‘do. A simple side part and straightened, shiny hair was the perfect companion to this dominatrix number.

Bookwork, but Make It Chic

Only Kat Hernandez can pull off nerdy glasses, denim overalls, and a boring middle part. Any other bookworm would’ve lost points with us but actress Barbie Ferreira makes her character look chic AF with this get-up.

Bed Head

Can we talk about how sexy Kat Hernandez looks here with textured and undone waves? The side part and flip at her forehead also win her major sex kitten points.

Punk Rock Goddess

Dark eyeliner and messy hair are hallmarks of the ’90s punk style. Kat Hernandez gives the look a Y2K makeover by adding volume and a comb back. Her couldn’t-care-less waves were probably set with a texturizing product that created hold.

Half-Up With No Part

Euphoria‘s epic carnival episode gave us a version of Kat Hernandez’s hair we’d never seen. The actress was styled with a half-up pony that included volume at the crown while being pulled back. The hair that wasn’t swept up was given an almost wet-like texture that fit the scene perfectly.

Barbie isn’t the only Euphoria star serving up plenty of hair inspo. Check out our favorite Alexa Demie hair moments HERE!

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