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10 Short Haircuts for Women That Won’t Have People Calling You a Karen

There are a plethora of short haircuts for women that any woman could pull off. The catch is opting for one that won’t have people calling you a Karen. And it’s a bit tougher than it seems to avoid the Karen haircut.

Consider us your fairy hair godmothers, because we found 10 short haircuts that don’t come close to the Karen. Scroll below to find the right one for you to try in 2022!

1. Shaved Head

Shaving your head seems terrifying, but it is a rather exhilarating experience. And no one will call you Karen for buzzing your strands off. The look is a great way to start all over. With the way the 2020s have gone, we know you need a fresh start.


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2. Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is a classic, timeless look. It’s incredibly chic and never goes out of style. What more could you ask for?


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3. Modern Mullet

Last year was the rise of the modern mullet, which is basically the opposite of the Karen. The Karen is all about length in the front, whereas the mullet has length in the back. We know it seems like a Karen would rock the cut, but they’re not trendy enough to do so.


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4. Short Shag

The shag was another hair trend we saw rise in 2020. It’s somewhat similar to the mullet, though not as intense a chop. Essentially, it’ll leave you with more layers and volume. But not too much volume, because a Karen loves to tease her tresses.

5. Micro-Bob

The micro-bob is a very French girl style. And who would dare call a French girl a Karen? No one, exactly. Live your French girl fantasy in this sophisticated cut.


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6. Razored Pixie

Many pixie cuts can lean towards the Karen, especially depending on how they’re styled. Add some softness to any pixie with this razored look. Plus, it’ll give you more of an edge than any Karen will ever have.


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7. Vintage Bob With Pops of Color

We’ve already determined that the bob is very much a cut most Karens avoid. By adding some pops of color, you’ll steer clear of ever being called one.

8. Collarbone-Grazing Waves

Karens tend to keep their strands rather short. They adore an angled cut with sideswept bangs. So avoid that with some soft, sweet collarbone-grazing waves. The cut is still short, but leaves plenty of length just in case.

9. Choppy Bowl Cut

Yes, that’s right, the bowl cut is back. And it is as fashionable as ever. The choppy bowl cut is perfect for anyone not quite ready to try a pixie, but still wants to go daringly short.


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10. Jaw-Length Cut

A jaw-length cut will look different on everyone, due to our varying face shapes. The shorter your face length, the shorter your cut. Just be sure you keep it all one length and don’t opt for an asymmetrical cut. The latter is something a Karen would do.


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