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4 Short Hairstyles and How to Style Them

This year we’ve seen just about every celeb delve into the world of short hair; from Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, Lauren Conrad, Kate Upton, to Caley Cuoco, it seems every week we’re hearing of a new star ditch their signature long strands for a short ‘do. If this has inspired you to make the chop, we’ve got just the thing for you. From pixies to crops, to bangs, and styling, we’ve got a piece of advice for every hair type.

“Cutting you hair short can be such an exciting, refreshing way to update your look.  It can be dramatic and new.  Hair grows, so take a risk and don’t be so scared to try something new.   Your eyes will look bigger, it will accentuate your jaw line, and bring out your features,” says celebrity stylist Adir Abergel.

If you’ve never had short hair before, make sure that you are ready for the change. Think about why you want to cut your hair short. Is this something you’ve been thinking about for a while, or did you just go through a bad breakup? Avoid making drastic decisions when going through particularly traumatic times in your life. You’ll want to be sure this is something you will be happy with when everything blows over.

Abergel goes on to explain that “short hair will be your accessory.  It will frame your face and become the accessory.   There are lots of short styles that can still make you feel feminine. Keep your bangs or the hair in the back a bit longer and soft rather than creating a hard line along the nape.  A great way to experiment when considering shorter hair is by going to a wig store and trying on shorter wigs.”

When diving into the world of short hair, working together with your stylist is key. Make sure to go to someone you trust and who has cut your hair before to avoid any “uh-oh” moments. Celebrity stylist Ric Pipino explains, “It’s all about communication with your stylist! Explain that you are ready for a complete change. Be sure to take the time to discuss what he/she thinks would be the best style that would work for your hair texture/length, facial shape and also your personality and body shape/size! Make sure your stylist knows that you feel like you want something new and fresh that works for you, not just the latest passing trend.”



Perhaps the least risqué of the short haired world, this is the best introduction for girl’s who have never cut their hair short. We’re talking about that just past the shoulders, collarbone grazing length. Abergel suggests “starting out longer than you originally envision and take off more as you get more comfortable.  You can always go shorter.”

To keep this look modern, we suggest longer layers cut with a razor to remove weight without making it look too much like a shag (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Avoid anything that is too blunt near the ends or graduated in order to veer away from the version of this style that was popular in 2006.

TO STYLE: We suggest letting this look be low maintenance. Style with a sea salt spray (like Sachajuan Ocean Mist) and Oribe Surfcomber Mousse and let air dry for piecey texture. You want to let the cut and layers work for you. To look extra chic, channel the 90’s by running your hands through and flipping hair to the side for a dramatic part and volume.



The cut that Taylor Swift and Lauren Conrad have made ever so famous this past year. We suggest taking a cue from Conrad and easing into shorter lengths by starting on the longer side (especially if you’ve never had short hair before). You can always go in for another appointment to take the length up if you decide to, whereas putting the length back on is a much different story. Keep this look modern with blunt edges, choppy layers, and keeping the length (mostly) even all the way around.

TO STYLE: Kate Mara wears this length so perfectly. We love it slicked back with a pomade or styled with flat iron waves and broken up with R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse and Alterna Haircare Caviar Perfect Texture Finishing Spray.



Yes, we mean that shorter than short bob that is just past the ears. This is great when you want short hair that doesn’t FEEL particularly short. Keeping the length in the front and avoiding a ton of layers allows this cut to still feel feminine. We love this paired with bangs for a vintage feel.

TO STYLE: Avoid looking too primped with this cut. Try styling with a Vess brush to allow your natural texture to show through. Embrace your natural waves or curls and just use a small amount of styling cream (like Macadamia Oil Whipped Detailing Cream) to combat frizz and flyaways.



The classic pixie. A look that will always be in style and can look both glamorous and rebellious. We love this length for the versatility in cut and style as it’s easy to switch up regularly. We suggest being 100% ready for a cut as short as this as the grow out can be a long process, but if you’re ready and committed, just make sure to go to a stylist who won’t talk you out of it. Doing your research is key as not every stylist is completely comfortable cutting short hair. Our favorite trick to finding the right stylist? When you see someone with a cute short cut, ask them who cut it! They’ll be flattered and you’ll know you’re going to someone whose work you admire.

TO STYLE: Just because it’s short doesn’t mean you’re completely off the hook! We still like blow drying with a Denman brush to avoid too much volume or flyaways, and styling with a clay wax (like Osmo Clay Wax) for texture and definition.

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