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Should We Update Our Hair Colors as the Seasons Change? Stylists Share Their Thoughts

A change in season often dictates a change in hair color. But should we really be updating our hair colors with the seasons? Given that the seasons change every three-ish months, it seems like a lot to change our hues with the change in temp. I found myself really starting to question if it was even worth updating our color to keep up with the seasonal trends. So, I reached out to a few colorists to hear what they thought about it all. Read on to discover what they had to say!

So, Should We Change Our Hair Color as the Seasons Change?

Unsurprisingly, the hair colorists we spoke to feel strongly about updating our hair with seasonal changes. Los Angeles-based colorist specialist and educator Sara Lim feels strongly that we should update our hair color on this timeframe. She does, however, urge you “don’t do this at home, have realistic changes in mind, and listen to your colorist.” Sara shares that “when my clients want to change their color, they know they must have a few photos of what they would like to do and the change is subtle but different. For example, more depth and low lights, a different tone, more or fewer highlights.”

Matrix brand ambassador and wigs colorist Cynthia Lumzy joyfully exclaims that we should “absolutely” update our hair color seasonally. “I truly feel when a person changes their hair color it can make them feel new and can open up new and exciting possibilities,” she says.

Rhode Island-based hair artist and Lavish Salon owner Alisha Rodrigues agrees that updating our hair color seasonally comes with the territory. It’s fun to play with our shades every few months, though she does note “at times it can be stressful on the hair changing it too many times. Some colors are high maintenance so it might be difficult to keep up with a particular hair color from season to season.”

But Should the Seasons Dictate the Hair Color Change We Make?

Generally, lighter shades are preferred in the spring and summer, whereas darker shades are favored during the winter and fall. I was curious if we should continue with that, or if we should change our color to whatever we want. Sara shares that “this has been the trend for ages and I don’t mind it. It works well because many of us like to have some color in our skin during summer and it’s complemented by lighter hair. But, these are only trends. I am still highlighting clients through the winter—maybe not as bright or leaving them with more golden natural tones. I’m a fan of this trend because it does give the hair a break from lightening and I think people really do love the color change.”

Alisha shares similar sentiments, noting that most of her clients prefer darker hues in the winter and then will brighten their strands back up in the summer. She does share that changing your hair color does “depend on your lifestyle. Sometimes you just want a change, so it all depends on you, how you’re feeling that day, and where you are in your life.” We’re not always ready for those drastic seasonal transformations, I know I’m sure not.

Cynthia says that “you should update your hair color whenever you feel the need to.” It doesn’t always need to be the change in season that pushes you to switch up your color. She then notes that if you enjoy changing your hair often, “opting for human hair wigs is a great way to switch up your locks and give your real hair a break.”

Now, What About All Those Seasonal Hair Color Trends?

Hair trends come and go. Sure, there are some that stick around or others that take a hiatus only to return years down the line. With that in mind, I was curious how our colorists felt about trying to keep up with seasonal hair color trends. They all agreed it depends on you.

“I always say, rock whatever you feel your best in,” Sara says. “Don’t do something that is a trend but you think looks terrible. You only glow when you feel confident and beautiful.”

Alisha says that some of her “clients never color their hair because they love their natural color—which is beautiful all in itself.” There’s no need to stray from what you love if you don’t want to.

Cynthia does agree that it depends on what you want, though she also feels that “keeping up with the latest trends is never a bad thing.” If you’re someone who likes to stay on-trend, then do just that. It is your hair color after all.

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