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Should You Be Cleaning Your Blow Dryer?

When spring cleaning your beauty essentials, there are a few steps we can’t skip. From organizing our cabinet, shelves, and hair kit to swapping essentials by season or washing our brushes. But what about your hot tools? Let’s be honest, have you ever cleaned your blow dryer? Have you ever even thought about cleaning your blow dryer?

We didn’t know cleaning our blow dryer was a must until we chatted with Becca Marquardt, a stylist and artistic team member at BioIonic. Scroll below for her advice on cleaning your blow dryer!

Remember That Your Blow Dryer Is a Filter

The first thing to worry about is dust. The pesky stuff gets everywhere, including your dryer. “Think of it this way; how long does it take for dust to accumulate on your vanity? It seems like no time at all. Now think, your blow dryer intakes air from the same room as all that dust is settling,” says Becca.

Dust isn’t the only thing that gets trapped in your dryer. Loose hair, dirt, heat protectants, and hairspray are all floating inside of it, just to name a few things. “Anything that is in the air prior to you turning on your dryer will accumulate on the filter. Even makeup powder and setting sprays can get into the filter,” she continues.

Becca recommends cleaning your blow dryer filter daily to keep your dryer working in tip-top shape. “If your filter is full of debris, it will block air from being pushed out of your dryer. When this happens, your dryer can overheat, which means the air is getting even hotter on the inside. This is what causes heat damage to your hair—even with styling protectants. On top of that, it will also increase your blow-dry time. Ultimately, this will lead to your dryer’s heating element malfunctioning and your dryer will stop working.”

Clean Your Entire Blow Dryer

To keep it extra squeaky you want to clean both the base and the surface, as well as the inside. “Product can build up on the outside as well. The product that you may have left on your hands can easily be transferred onto the base and surface. If you use hairspray to finish your look it can act as a sealant to all that product you just transferred onto your dryer,” Becca adds.

Aside from cleaning your dryer, investigate its warranty before you commit to purchasing. “BioIonic offers warranty plans for each dryer, some lasting for as long as 10 years,” says Becca, who stresses the registration process is simple. Even though it can feel like work, don’t underestimate the power of a good warranty. “Warranties are very much like insurance policies to protect your investment. When you are investing in a premium tool, it puts your mind at ease knowing you won’t have to consistently be purchasing a new one over, and over again,” she says.

Don’t Forget the Cords

The best way to protect your tools is to clean them and treat them carefully—handle them with care, from the cords to the filters. It may seem impossible, but, seriously, don’t neglect your cords. “Cords should always be folded, not wrapped around your tools,” she says. “This will cause the wires on the inside to start twisting which will eventually lead them to break completely.”

Make the Best Purchase for Your Hair Type

When investing in a dryer, take your hair type and hair concern, whether that’s a faster drying time or low heat setting. “Speed, softness, care, and shine should always be top of mind,” says Becca who suggests the BioIonic Graphene MX Dryer which reduces breakage, or the 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer, which has a patented eco-drive motor that dries hair in 10 minutes.

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