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Should You Trim Your Own Tresses? We Asked A Pro

It’s official: we need a trim. Between split ends, overgrown roots, and a whole host of other tresse-troubles, we’re just dying for a good old fashioned trip to the salon– and we know you all are too. Celebrities and social media stars are dealing with too-long locks by taking their strands into their own hands, opting for at-home bangs and simple self trims. So in the spirit of DIY decisions, we sat down with expert stylist Alex Brown for the rundown on trimming your tresses from home. Read on to find out if and how to get a crisp cut sans stylist.

If you can wait, WAIT

“I would highly recommend waiting until the shelter in place policy is gone and have your stylist cut it!” Alex advises. While trimming at home is tempting, nothing compares to a professional cut. Opting for a self-trim could have unsightly results, so fight the urge to go it alone if you can.

Ask yourself: is it necessary?

If you’re seriously contemplating a home haircut, consider the state of your mane before you make a major decision. “Is your hair breaking off and do the ends absolutely need to be trimmed ever so slightly or is this something a masque or deep conditioning treatment can help with in the meantime?” Alex says. If there’s an alternative option to a WFH crop, try it out first.

Keep your hair healthy

“Now is a great time to be doing the least with your hair to get it as healthy as possible” Alex explains, “hair masques (Khairpep leave in masque is my current fav) and air drying are a great ways to help get your hair back in great shape.” Use this down time to revitalize your tired tresses. Going all-in on reparative masks and treatments will help you wait out the quarantine. In addition to a classic deep condition, Alex also suggests applying hair oil to damp clean hair for an ultra nourishing affect.

If you cannot wait, point cutting is your go to

If your strands need attention ASAP, the proper cutting technique will help you avoid a serious error. That’s where point cutting comes in. “The technique called point cutting is a safer and less harsh way of cutting,” Alex explains, “You will cut parallel into the hair to softly remove a small amount of weight and length at a time. Cutting perpendicular to the hair will create a blunt, harsh line which could cause a major mistake and look obvious.” Point cutting allows you to get rid of those pesky split ends without having to endure a super-visible mistake for the rest of quarantine.

Blowdry your bangs

Overgrown bangs are a serious issue. “If you’re trimming your bangs, its important to have them blowdryer/styled exactly like you wear them on a daily basis before cutting.” Alex says. Styling your fringe as you would everyday helps avoid an awkward-looking trim, giving your face-framing strands a lived-in, wearable revamp.

Professional tools are a huge help

If you’re trimming at home, kitchen scissors will absolutely not suffice. According to Alex, you’ll need to order a few items before you begin. ” You will need a fine tooth comb, and a pair of inexpensive professional haircutting scissors that can be found online at Sally Beauty Supply.” Alex explains. The secret to a haircut from home is all in the scissors.

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