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Should You Use a Skin Cleansing Hair Massager on Your Hair?

A skin cleansing massager is all kinds of zen and sudsy goodness.

Using one of these handheld devices can totally elevate your cleansing game and turn your day/night ritual into a mini spa retreat. After all, one less thing to do, amirite? But, since we were having so much fun cleansing our face hands free, we figured the same logic would apply to our mane. We hit up Ben Segarra, Co-Founder & CEO of meejee on the benefits of a skin cleansing massager for the scalp, and he had a lot to say – here’s what you need to know.

Clean Skin, Everywhere

There are many benefits of a skin cleansing massager. First off, they provide a thorough cleanse that can help alleviate acne and other skin concerns – this includes skin on your scalp as well as your face. “meejee cleans where your hands cannot. Acne and other skin-related issues don’t form on the surface of skin, they form below the surface, inside of pores. With meejee, thousands of vibrational pulses travel below the surface of your skin and rapidly vibrate clumps of unwanted, skin-harming material stuck inside your pores. This rapid vibration causes the material to become loose and break apart, allowing for your cleanser to swoop in and wash away the remnants,” explains Ben.


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Anti-aging and Hair Growth

In addition to helping clear pores and cleanse better than your hands alone, handheld cleansers also contribute to anti-aging. Though this isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to the hair and scalp skin, anti-aging never hurt any body part. “The micro-massaging effect of sonic pulses has been clinically shown to reduce signs of aging by increasing the expression of vital dermis proteins like collagen and elastin that are responsible for giving skin it’s firmness, elasticity, and youthfulness. Here’s a great study that explores this concept in depth HERE,” Ben notes.

There’s more! Handheld cleansers (like meejee) stimulate blood flow and promote new cell growth, which can help hair grow.We’ve received feedback from numerous customers who’ve said they’ve noticed increased eyebrow hair, beard hair, and head hair thickness after using meejee consistently on those areas.  Along with that, there are scientific studies showing the positive impact that scalp massaging has on hair growth.  HERE’s a link to one of the most prominent studies on the subject,” he says.

What’s even more, silicone devices (like meejee) are anti-microbial. “Unlike washcloths and other brushes that grow bacteria after the first use, meejee is made of a non-porous, anti-microbial silicone that naturally prevents the buildup and growth of bacteria,” Ben adds. This can aid in blocking dandruff or other scalp redness, you might not have even know you have.

How to Use

So, how should we use this thing, exactly? “This depends entirely on what your skin responds best to! Some of our customers see best results from using it twice a day, and some of our customers see best results from using it once a week. Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s important to find the right frequency for you and your skin. We recommend starting out by using it once a day on a low intensity setting and increasing/decreasing the frequency and intensity based on how your skin responds,” Ben tells us.



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 Sustainable Champion

Ben also wants to share that the brand’s ultimate goal is sustainability. “In addition to the sustainable/recycled materials we incorporate into our products and packaging, for every meejee sold, 4.4 lbs of plastic (equivalent to 100 plastic bottles) are kept from entering the oceans through our partnership with Plastic Bank. We are the only beauty device company on the market that places significant emphasis on being sustainable.  Part of our mission is to have a net-positive impact on the environment and inspire other companies to do the same,” he continues.

HERE’s more about incorporating skincare into your hair routine.

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