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It’s Time You Invested in a New Shower Head for Your Hair

Hopping in the shower after a long day is super relaxing, and the “me” time we all deserve. However, did you ever think of how your shower water can affect your hair? That’s all in the power of your shower head.

Yes, surprisingly our shower heads can damage our hair. Using the wrong type of shower head can result in chlorine getting in our hair, metal rust exposure, and more. We obviously don’t want any of that touching our precious strands, so we’ve rounded up some new shower heads to consider. Lather, rinse, and repeat without the guilt.

Sprite Universal Shower Filter and 3-Setting Shower Head: $27.75

The brand claims that this shower head will go as far as letting you breathe easier and healthier. On top of that, you get healthy and softer hair with every shower.

Sprite Universal Shower Filter and 3-Setting Shower Head

(via Home Depot)

Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System: $66

This system removes heavy metals found in tap water, including copper and lead. Don’t worry about facing frizz, as it goes ahead and fights that as well.

Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System

(via Amazon)

Aquabliss High-Output Universal Shower Filter: $34.86

Ensure that both your hot and cold water temperatures are filtered. This system prevents your skin and hair from getting dry as a result of showering.

Aquabliss High-Output Universal Shower Filter

(via Amazon)

T3 Source Shower Head: $150

The well-known hair tool brand launched a state of the art shower head. It even goes as far as preventing certain odors and rust water from ever hitting your shower.

T3 Shower head

(via T3)

Raindrops Luxe Filter with Shower Head: $120

The pros over at Nine Zero One salon created and launched this luxe shower head. It’s efficient in saving water and also eliminates everything from chlorine to iron and lead.

Raindrops Luxe Filter with Shower Head

(via Salon 504)

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