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Vote For Your Favorite Look From Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s International Hair Competition

Shu Uemura Gallery of Style Hair Competition 2017

Combs are to hairstylists what paint brushes are to artists. Unlike a canvas, though, hair bends, folds, falls—taking on a life of its own–lending hairstylists a plethora of possibilities to translate a mane into their own language. Now, Shu Uemura Art of Hair is giving stylists worldwide the chance to embrace this voice with its international competition, Gallery of Style

Shu Uemura Gallery of Style International Competition 2017

The first part of the competition required Shu Uemura stylists to create one inventive look inspired by “Tokyo-Rama,” a theme reflecting the diversity of Tokyo’s landscape and its juxtaposition of modern design and traditional architecture. The Gallery of Style committee will select 15 finalists from online submissions. From April 7th to 24th, 5 finalists will be selected through live voting open to everyone, and win an all-expense paid trip to NYC for a professional photo shoot. 

As if that’s not an impressive enough prize, the grand prize winner will be featured on the September cover of Estetica Magazine and in a double-page editorial. Then, the international round of the competition begins, which will award 3 finalists a mega prize, including an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo and a professional editorial photoshoot (just to name a few).

Check out the 15 semi-finalists below, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite look on April 7, here. *Live voting ends April 24.

Thank you to Shu Uemura for sponsoring this post.

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