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MANESPIRATION: Sienna Miller Ditches Blonde for an Auburn Red

Sienna Miller Red Hair

As summer comes to a close, Fall Fashion Week showcases new fashion lines, and celebrities start changing those summer sun-kissed features to deeper hues of the approaching season. Sienna Miller took on a new Fall hue with no hesitation. She went straight from blonde to a stand out auburn red head by Nicola Clarke.

The tone reminds us of the changing leaves and orangey-reds that are beginning to pop up, all common in the upcoming season. And although a big change, Sienna kept it casual, still sporting a loosely waved bob. The red tone is bright yet subtle against her simple make-up.

Sienna has been seen in the past showcasing most often her signature blonde mane, but also frequently changing things up for roles. Most notably, for her brunette character in the film, American Sniper. And now a red hue, right as the Fall season is ushered in.

One thing is for sure, Sienna can pull off just about any hair color or length. We can’t wait to see how her mane changes next!

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