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5 Signs You Need a Keratin Treatment ASAP

Keratins are one of the greatest hair inventions on the planet (in our humble opinion, of course).

But seriously, though, a keratin is a life-changing anti-frizz, curl-decreasing treatment that cuts down styling time and keeps hair intact much longer than without using it. But while we totally swear by this innovation, we understand that some people require it more than others.

Think you may be in need of this spendy service, or think you can hold off? Keep reading for five signs you need a keratin treatment ASAP.

1. All the flat ironing in the world can’t get your hair to straighten.

Have you applied every hair oil, spray, whatever—only to find that no matter what you do, your flat iron is basically pointless? If you’ve spent countless hours in the mirror attempting to flat iron your hair, but you’re still left with a big ball of wavy frizz, it’s time for a treatment! While getting a keratin won’t make your hair stick straight, it will relax it dramatically and cut down the time it’ll take you in the mirror with that iron.

2. You’ve recently bleached or heavily colored your hair.

Obviously, talk to your hairdresser first (because it may be too heavy on your hair to apply a huge treatment on top of freshly bleached or colored locks), but ultimately, bleaching or dyeing will dry out your hair and damage it dramatically. You’ll absolutely need the moisture and de-frizz that a keratin adds. You’ll just want to make sure your hair is strong enough to hold it all. 

3. Your split ends are visible when you put your hair up.

We pretty much all have split ends. Color, heat, and general wear and tear are contributing factors to this unfortunate issue. But if your split ends are visible even when you put your hair up, or you have broken strands near your face, a keratin will have you looking (almost) good as new. While it won’t make those split ends disappear, it will smooth them out and make them much less visible.

4. Humidity is your worst enemy.

If all hell breaks loose the minute you walk outside, a keratin may be just the fix. We can spend hours in front of a mirror, leave the house with our hair perfectly intact, and boom—by the time we get to our car, it’s as if we never even attempted to try. A keratin is perfect for combatting humidity and hair that frizzes easily.

5. Your hair is always dry.

Simply put, if your hair is frequently dry, you should almost always opt for that keratin. Because it adds moisture and combats frizz, your parched strands can receive a new lease on life.

Before you book a regular ol’ keratin treatment, discover why you should switch to non-toxic keratin treatments HERE!

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