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Not All Silk Pillowcases Are the Same—Here’s What to Look Out for in Your Next Purchase

While we all love to luxe-up our bedding with a swanky silk pillowcase, the soft material also does wonders for the hair. But wouldn’t you know, not all silk pillowcases are equal—which means we’re on the hunt to find the best silk pillowcases out there.

So, just what makes one silk pillowcase better than the next? We turned to Tuongvi Diep, a member of the marketing team at MYK Silk. Below, she breaks down the five things to keep in mind before making that next purchase.

1. Double-Check the Material

Make sure your silk pillowcase is made out of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. Other materials that people often mistaken for silk pillowcases are polyester, satin, or rayon. Especially if you buy online, just make sure to double check!

2. Look for the Silk Weight

Silk weight is measured in units as “mm or momme,” which determine how heavy and dense the silk is. It’s all based on preference, but the higher the “mm,” the denser the silk weave will be. Typically for silk pillowcases, it will come in 19mm-25mm. The higher the mm, the more expensive it will also be.

3. Double-Check the Size/Dimension

Silk pillowcases are not one size fits all. Silk pillowcases come in standard, queen, king and even toddler size, depending on the company you purchase from.

4. Keep an Eye Out for Accents

Check the details on the silk pillowcase to see what design it offers. Is it a zipper closure, envelope closing, etc. All this is based on preference but just keep it in mind before you purchase!

5. Make Sure the Pillow Is Silk Throughout

Cotton underside vs full silk pillowcase? The cotton underside helps prevent slipping and sliding when you sleep. It also may also be cheaper than a full silk pillowcase. If you’re someone who flips their pillow in the middle of the night and wants full benefits, a full silk may be for you.

Still on the fence about whether to take the silk pillowcase plunge? Click HERE for five reasons why you may want to switch over!

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