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6 Silk Pillow Cases That Save Your Strands While You Sleep

If you haven’t yet heard about the benefits of silk pillowcases, then your hair (and skin) are seriously missing out. Not only do silk pillowcases guarantee to make your blowout last longer, but they also help to eliminate frizz and breakage and are especially necessary for those that embrace their natural textured hair. This is because silk, unlike cotton, allows the hair to glide easily along the pillowcase when you’re sleeping without stripping the hair of moisture.

So if you’re considering making the switch from cotton to silk pillowcases, then keep reading to find out the best silk pillowcases (and one satin!) available on the market. Keep reading to find out which pillowcases you should consider so you can eliminate frizz, breakage and wrinkles to get your best beauty sleep ever.


1. Drybar Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase

Part of the amazing line of Drybar products, the Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase helps you to get the most out of your Drybar blowout and all around experience. The 100% natural silk pillowcase comes in white and is finely woven to allow the hair to easily glide over the pillow while you are sleeping protecting the hair from loss of natural oils and moisture. For best results, wear your hair down while you sleep and wake up with crease-less, frizz-free hair.

Drybar Silk Pillowcases
(via Drybar)

2. Slip Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk Pillowcases come in Queen and King sizes as well as an array of colors from white to silver to caramel to peach. The Slip Silk pillowcases are made of natural, high-quality, thick mulberry silk that is gentle on your hair to preserve your blowout to the fullest. Along with a collection of colorful pillowcases, Slip Silk also offers sleeping masks that, just like the pillowcase, provide anti-aging benefits to the skin and hair.

Slip Silk Pillowcases
(via Slip)

3. Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase

The only satin pillowcase on our list still serves up a tough competition to it’s silk counterparts. Morning Glamour’s satin pillowcases come in packs of two pillowcases and are available in an array of colorful hues as well as patterns like floral, camo and leopard print. Like silk pillowcases, these satin pillowcases are non-absorbent so they won’t strip your hair of natural oils which can lead to dry, frizzy hair.

Morning Glamour Satin PIllowcases
(via Morning Glamour)

4. ShhhSilk Pillowcase

The super chic ShhhSilk pillowcases will make you feel (and look) like royalty while you’re sleeping. The pillowcases are made of 100% pure mulberry silk for the highest quality sleep possible on the thickest pillowcases on our list. The cases even zipper at the edge to avoid the annoyance of your pillow slipping out of the case while you’re sleeping. The cases are super soft and not only decrease sleeping lines and creases but they help to regulate your skin’s natural temperature while you sleep.

Shhh Silk Pillowcases
(via ShhhSilk)

5. Spasilk

Spasilk’s 100% natural hypoallergenic silk pillowcases are also the least expensive pillowcases on our list priced at just $19.99. However, while they may be the cheapest price, they are not lacking in quality. After a few nights rest on Spasilk’s silk pillowcases you will notice less frizz and creases and a cooler temperature while you sleep. Spasilk also has a collection of satin pillowcases available.

Spasilk silk pillowcases
(via Spasilk)

6. The Hollywood Silk Solution

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to get in on the silk pillowcase trend–The Hollywood Silk Solution is perfect for you! Ringing in at $45, this silky pillow cover reduces bedhead, extends the life of your blowout and comes in an array of colors like this gorgeous caramel.

Hollywood Silk Solutions Caramel Silk Pillow Case

(via The Hollywood Silk Solution)

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