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Sincerely Jules x scünci’s Newest Target Collection is Filled With Romance, and All Under $10

We swooned over last season’s Sincerely Jules x scünci Collection and the international fashion and lifestyle influencer is back at it again this season with her spring 2020 looks.

The romantic collection is full of color and combines Sariñana’s laid back, California style with scünci’s decades of expertise. The result is a covetable collection of hair scarves, wraps, barrettes, and floral scrunchies. The blogger also included a bright teal padded headband in velvet material.

The Sincerely Jules x scünci Collection pieces are easily mixed and matched. Florals and bright spring colors dominate the palette as do inventive materials and patterns. Check out Sincerely Jules x scünci Collection’s hero pieces in our gallery.

You can shop the ten pieces from the new Sincerely Jules x scünci Spring 2020 Collection at Target.

If you loved these scrunchies in this collection, HERE a few more you should add to cart!

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