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Your Favorite LA Blogger Just Launched a Hair Accessories Collection

Sweater weather is here and we all need a little oomph to fashionably counteract our dreary (but cozy!) outfit choices. Enter Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules. Her new hair accessories line is about to transform our cold weather outfits.

The blogger turned world-traveler just dropped a hair accessories collection in collaboration with scünci. Weaving scünci’s 30-year history in the hair industry with Sincerely Jules’ fashion sensibility, the line has all the makings of an instant classic. The inspiration for the line comes via childhood memories where Mama Sariñana’s would uniquely hand-craft hair accessories for her kids.

sincerly jules x scunci rhinestone hair clip

(via Sincerely Jules x scünci)

The undeniable California style we’ve come to expect from Sincerely Jules shines bright amongst an array of easy-to-pull-off and approachable styles. Hair clips dazzle in rhinestones and are ready to dress up an outfit in a sinch.

Sincerely Jules x sunci crystal clip

(via Sincerely Jules x scünci)

Faux leather and velvet scrunchies make picking up your hair a breeze and they come in an array of styles, prints, and finishes.

Sincerely Jules x scunci hair scrunchies

(via Sincerely Jules x scünci)

The accessories line comes in hues of burgundy, pink and black that can be easily matched with your existing wardrobe. Romantic accents easily dress up the most boring sweater looks.

sincerly jules x scunci blush turban

(via Sincerely Jules x scünci)

Silk, velvet, animal and metal motifs are expressed throughout scünci’s first ever influencer collaboration.

Sincerely Jules x scunci metal clip

(via Sincerely Jules x scünci)

The versatile product line is available exclusively at Target and offers over 50 styles. With prices from $4 – $10, you may just cop more than one!

Julie Sariñana spoke exclusively to Mane Addicts regarding the collection, here are her thoughts regarding inspiration and design.

MA: You are so well known for your amazing fashion sense, what made you excited about hair accessories?

JS: I’ve always loved all things hair, so when the opportunity came to do hair accessories I was all in especially because I grew up wearing scünci. I always get asked about my hair, how to accessorize it, or they need to know who styles my hair so I was thrilled at the opportunity to design a line for my audience to take their hairstyles up a notch at accessible prices… everything under $10!!

MA: What was the inspiration for this collab? 

JS: My true inspiration behind this collection is my mom! I grew up having her make me the cutest bow barrettes or headbands for school because we didn’t have a lot of money to buy me new ones. So her way to make me feel special and stand out at school was to make my handmade hair accessories. This collection is special and nostalgic of that sweet memory! I wanted my fans to have something for any occasion and with this 40 piece collection, they for sure have something to wear for any place, event or day! 

MA: What was your design process?

JS: There are a lot of hands on deck. I work directly with the design team fromscünci to help execute and produce samples. We look at so much inspiration and put together beautiful mood/trend boards to help us design what really want. We then take the samples to target, as we sell exclusively at Target, and get their input on what they like and think would sell the best. Then I will go back and make some tweaks to designs that we think the consumer would prefer. It’s a lengthy but super fun process!scünci has made this collaboration so fun and exciting since day one!

MA: What is your favorite piece from the line?

JS: Ah…this question is hard. There are so many special styles I love for different reasons, but if I had to choose one it would be the head wrap. It gives me such a vintage feel with a modern twist. And is so versatile. You can wear it as a head wrap, around your ponytail, as a scarf, or as a cute bandana for your fav wrist or purse!

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