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This Hibiscus Shampoo Will Help Stop Your Hair Color From Fading During Quarantine

Hearing the word hibiscus reminds us of a freezing cold iced tea or a flavored margarita. The flower is synonymous with warmer weather, and fun, not necessarily the first thing we think about when it comes to quarantine hair and staying at home. That is all set to change with luxury haircare brand Sisley-Paris Color Perfecting Shampoo with Hibiscus Flower Extract.

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Sisley-Paris Color Perfecting Shampoo with Hibiscus Flower Extract is a revolutionary formula because it works with fundamental hair science. Maintaining the shine and radiance you get right after a salon appointment is hard partly because washes damage your hair fibers’ lipidic film. Subsequently, pigments escape more easily as a result of this damage. In addition to that havoc, your exposure to UV rays can put the gas pedal on photo-decomposition and increase your cuticle’s porosity. Not a good thing. Although this isn’t the news you want to hear, repeated washes result in wiry hair that is more prone to breakage.

Sisley-Paris Color Perfecting Shampoo with Hibiscus Flower Extract: $75.00

(via Sisley-Paris)

We know that all sounds super scary, but don’t fret. Sisley-Paris is here to save the quarantined day. You may not be able to get to your salon for a deep conditioning treatment but you can mitigate daily damage with this hibiscus shampoo. The formula protects color from fading while repairing your strands. The sulfate-free formula uses hibiscus flower extract because the hero ingredient is rich in anthocyanins (natural pigments) and fruit acids that help seal cuticles and limit pigment leaks. The hibiscus shampoo also has a healthy dose of sunflower seed extract to protect against UV ray fading.

This hibiscus shampoo was made with natural shine in mind. The formula’s proprietary restructuring complex with cotton proteins get to work deep down on the hair bulb to strengthen your strands’ lipid and protein structure. This hibiscus shampoo from Sisley-Paris packs a punch and using it couldn’t be easier. Dispense a quarter-sized amount into your palm and distribute evenly in hair. Rinse, and repeat for your next wash.

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