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Skunk Hair Is the Latest Trend the Internet Can’t Get Enough Of

We’ve seen some very interesting hair trends take over in 2020 and 2021 so far. The mullet has made a comeback, along with many popular early 2000s styles. People have started shying away from more natural shades in favor of hues that pop. Curtain bangs and money piece highlights are everywhere. Still, there’s always that one trend that really surprises us. And that would be the skunk hair trend.

A nod to the chunky highlights of the ’00s, skunk hair resurfaced with Dua Lipa’s two-toned hair and has since exploded all over TikTok. Even Miley Cyrus has taken the trend for a spin and we’re obsessed with her Cruella de Vil-esque strands. The two-color look tends to be a blend of snow white and deep black shades and somewhat resembles the pattern of a skunk. Though it’s commonly thought to be recreated with black and white shades, any contrasting colors will work to pull off this unique trend. Think Billie Eilish’s neon green roots or Bella Hadid’s red face-framing highlights.

Overall, the skunk hair trend is rather easy to achieve either at home or in the salon. Thinking of trying this trend yourself? Scroll below for some of our favorite skink hair inspiration!

Two-Tone Color

Dua Lipa’s take on the skunk hair trend is still one of our favorites. She looks edgy and elegant at the same time, which isn’t an easy feat. The chunky highlights with the contrasting dark and light shades will give you that drama you’re looking for with this trend.

Cruella de Vil

Typically, the skunk hair trend has a black base with pops of white throughout. Miley Cyrus’s take on the trend does the opposite. Her perfectly placed pops of black throughout her bleach blonde mane are giving us Cruella de Vil vibes. We absolutely love it

Chunky Highlights

This is the more common take on the skunk hair trend, where large panels of white and black highlights contrast. If you trust yourself with bleach, you’re more than able to recreate this look on your own. We recommend getting help from a stylist just to be safe.

Money Piece

For those who aren’t ready for the style above, bleaching layers in the front will do. And yes, this still qualifies as the skunk hair trend. The beauty of this hair color is that it’s what you make it. There’s no one way to rock this look.

Bleached Bangs

You can even bleach the focal point of your bangs, if they’re not long enough to constitute face-framing layers. There’s a bit more of a spectacle feel to these bangs, too.

Bleached Roots

Another option is to bleach your roots and keep the rest of your strands either a dark brown or black. You can then update the color of your roots as you’d like. Again, going neon is always an option, as this trend isn’t just black or white.

Color Underneath

Keep the underneath of your hair icy and go dark on the top to pull off this take on the trend. Hiding the color beneath is rather easy to do. Plus, if you want to dye it all one color, that option is always available.

Soft Contrast

The skunk trend doesn’t have to be just black and white, you can even play with shades of gray for a softer contrast.

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