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Have You Heard of a Slanted Topknot?

cushnie et ochs justine marjan topknot tresemme sleek updo slanted topknot

It takes little to no effort to make a topknot, which is why we’re devoted to the look year round–be it on a lazy summer day or a post-work happy hour outing. But we’ve been itching to take the standard updo up a notch. Maybe we manifested it (we’re outta retrograde, yay!), maybe Justine Marjan is a mane genius—whatever the case, we finally found what we were looking for backstage at the Cushnie Et Ochs show yesterday: a sleek, slanted topknot.

slanted topknot

Key Tresemme hairstylist Justine’s go-to products for achieving the look included Tresemme Keratin Smooth shine serum to smooth down the hair as it was being gathered into a high ponytail, and Tresemme TRES Two Strong Hairspray to flatten flyaways after twisting the ponytail into a French chignon.

“The collection was Frida Kahlo-inspired, but the designers wanted to do something different than a traditional braid, or what you’d expect to see for that, so I’m excited to do a topknot that sat off center over the girls’ right eyebrow. It’s still clean and classic but unexpected,” she said of the hairstyle she had her team execute.  Talk about minimal effort, and major upgrade.tresemme cushnie et ochs slanted topknot

And yes, even short-haired girls can get in on the super cute topknot upgrade. On models whose hair required length, Justine said she added clip-in extensions. Use a hair pin to secure the look, spray down baby hairs and wispy wanderers, and voila—a no-fuss, runway-worthy updo is yours.

Would you try the slanted topknot? Drop us a comment!


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