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Sleek and Full, a Simple Holiday How To

This look from the Michael Kors 2013 runway is perfect for a holiday party. Though they used an elastic bungee to style, we suggest a long gold hair clip for something a little more glam (see below).


To recreate this style at home, you will want to start by making sure your hair is blow dried straight. On damp, freshly washed hair, dry hair with your fingers until 80% of the moisture is gone.

Then create a clean center part or deep set side part. Place your boar bristle brush on top of the hair surrounding the part and hold the bottom of the hair strand with the thumb that is holding the brush. Blow dry with the nozzle on and facing down towards the bottom of the hair strand, making sure to keep firm tension on the hair as you pull the brush down. This will make sure to stretch the hair strand when it is still wet, ensuring that it dries smooth and straight. Continue this blow dry technique on the rest of the hair around the top of the head and hairline.

When hair is 100% dry, use small amounts of Oribe Gold Lust Oil in thin sections near the scalp, then use a fine toothed comb to smooth it all back towards the center nape.

When hair is smooth and pulled back, gently secure the sides of the hair with a bungee or bobby pins for a temporary hold.

Use a dry shampoo, texturizing, or volumizing spray through the ends, then gently use a Mason Pearson brush or your comb to back brush the remaining hair. To do this, place the teeth of the brush or comb near the mid lengths or ends of the hair, with the teeth pointing towards you. Keep hold on the ends as you gently brush the hair up. Once you’ve done this a few times, use your fingers the expand, pull, or ‘butterfly’ the hair and mist with hairspray to hold.

When finished, use a long gold hair clip in place of the bungee.


Spray the teeth of your comb with hairspray before combing if you need more hold and control.

2 minutes

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