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How to: Sleek and Retro Waves Tutorial


Our favorite hair guru Jen Atkin, teams with Byrdie to give us this easy tutorial for retro waves.

  1. Before.  Start with clean, dry hair. You can let your strands air-dry, or rough dry them with a blow-dryer.
  2. Curl Sections: Separate one-inch sections of your hair, and wrap them around a one and half-inch curling iron. “Wrap your hair over the barrel and make sure you are wrapping all the way to the ends,” Atkin says
  3. Loosen With Comb.  Gently pull your fingers through your curls to soften the look, then brush through with a fine-toothed comb.
  4. Curl the crown of your head.  To create subtle volume at your crown, Atkin says to take a one-inch section at your crown, hold it vertically above your head, and then wrap it around the barrel of your curling iron. Take another one-inch section behind your crown, and repeat.
  5. Back Comb:  “Take a quarter-inch section of your crown, lift it vertically, and set it with hairspray,” Atkin says. Then, backcomb this section slightly, starting two to three inches above your roots.
  6. Smooth Back
  7. Now that you’ve got major volume at your crown, it’s time to smooth things over.  Atkin suggests taking a medium-hold pomade or wax (try the Molding Cream ($28) by Moroccan Oil) and applying it to your crown using your hands. If your roots are still too high, comb through with your fingers!

And there you have it—gorgeous, romantic waves perfect for any occasion!

2 minutes

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