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HOW-TO: A Slick and Twisted Chignon with Laura Polko

Jennifer Lawrence 2016 Golden Globes Hair

If there’s a red carpet starlet who always makes the headline, it’s the talented Jennifer Lawrence, and last week’s Golden Globe look was no exception. A departure from her signature wavy strands, J Law opted for a sleek, chic, and masculine side part paired with a slick twist in the back. Curious how you can master this hairstyle at home? Celebrity hairstylist, Laura Polko, says it’s easier than you think if the hair is hydrated with MarulaOil! Just take a look at her simple steps below.

Creating a Deep Side Part


On air dried or previously styled hair, begin by creating a deep side part over the arch of one eyebrow, then working MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment through the hair from root to tip.

Backbrush hair


On the side of the parting, take the section in front of the ear. and backbrush at the root for hold with the Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush.

Rope Twist How To


Split hair into two sections and then twist each section in the same direction (creating a rope twist braid).

Rope Twist Braid


Create a rope twist braid by twisting each strand around the other in the opposite direction of the two twists, then securing the ends with an elastic.

Hairspraying Hair Back with Awapuhi Hair Spray


On the opposite side, brush the hair back then spray generously with Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray.

Laura Polko Marulaoil Rope Twist Braid


Create the same rope twist braid on the opposite side, using more MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment through the ends if needed.

Laura Polko Marulaoil Rope Twist Braid


Pull apart the sides of the braid with your fingers.

Rope Twist Chignon Updo How To


Loop the two sides together, then use french pins to pin into place.

Rope Twist Chignon Updo How To


Move over J Law, there’s a new leading lady in town!


Hair: Laura Polko @laurapolko

Model: Ivy Matheson @ivymatheson

Makeup: Ashley Cordover @ashleybeverly

Photographer: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

2 minutes

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