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Got Slime Stuck in Your Hair? An Expert Explains How to Get It Out!

Much like Play-Doh of yesteryear, slime is the seemingly pointless yet oh-so-fulfilling squishy material that no one can seem to put down. That said, it also gets everywhere—our strands (or the strands of our little ones) are no exception! That’s why we turned to an expert to find out how to get slime out of hair. In case you’re not familiar, slime is a mixture of household items that come together to create a polymer substance that acts like both a solid and a liquid, depending on how you play with it.

Keep reading for detailed (yet doable) steps to follow from hair impresario Philip B. Slime should be cleared from the tresses in no time!

Step 1: Be Quick

Tend to matters immediately!

“If slime is left in the hair for too long, it could dry the hair out and result in knotting which will lead to needing to cut the hair out,” the hair expert tells Mane Addicts.

Step 2: Dissolve Without Damage

Because the goal is to dissolve slime from the hair without damage, you’ll want to “try a gentle oil, like almond oil or Philip B Rejuvenating Oil,” B explains. “Soak the oil where the slime is for up to an hour before combing out with a narrow-toothed comb. The oil will work to detangle the slime from the hair while breaking the slime down. It will also help strengthen the hair at the same time.” 

Step 3: Apply Oil and Comb

“Once you comb your hair with the oil, rinse with shampoo and conditioner,” B says. “Leave the conditioner in for up to 10 minutes to use as a mask to soften the hair from damage.”

Step 4: Use Rubbing Alcohol as Last Resource

If Step 2 doesn’t provide your desired results, rubbing alcohol may be your best bet. B says, “This could end up drying your hair if you use too much, but it’s an alternative if the oil does not work.”

Speaking of having things stuck in your hair, HERE’s how to avoid a hairy gorilla glue situation like TikToker Tessica Brown.

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