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NEED TO KNOW: So You Wanna Be Blonde?

margot elise robbie

If your itching to ditch your dark strands in favor of a bold platinum shade to match your sunny summer personality, look no further. Kimberly Cannon, a lead colorist at Marie Robinson Salon (who counts celebs like Sofia Vergara, Christina Ricci, Margot Elise Robbie, and Greta Gerwig as clients) spilled the beans on exactly what it means to go for a bright blonde hue.

“Having platinum hair is a great way to update your style or completely change your look. It can be super fun and playful, especially by achieving different tones such as pinks and greys. It also holds style really easily and is perfect for that “messy” look.

Going platinum is a big commitment. It’s really important that before taking the plunge you are ready to maintain hair every 4-5 weeks for at least a year. If you wait any longer than that for a touch up, you may get an uneven result.

People who have pink undertones in their skin look great with platinum hair! If you have fine hair that breaks easily, it’s not a great idea to go platinum unless you are willing to cut your hair pretty short. You will be able to achieve the best results if you have minimal to no artificial color in your hair.

That said when preparing to go platinum, the first thing you need to do is be ready to cut your hair. It’s always good to cut your hair first, but you might need to cut a little more off afterwards since the bleach could damage your ends or the ends can be stubborn and not get light enough. Prior to your appointment, don’t shampoo your hair for at least 24 hours to avoid irritating your scalp.” 

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