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Social Media Stars Take the Met Gala 2021 Red Carpet – the Must-See Moments

Everyone knows that the Met Gala is the biggest ticket in town, in terms of both star power and ticket price (seats sell for up to $30,000 per seat!) Celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are names frequently seen on the invite list, which EIC of Vogue Anna Wintour carefully monitors. But this year, your social media favorites like Addison Rae, Dixie D’Amelio and Emma Chamberlain, as well as iconic newcomers like Olivia Rodrigo were offered a golden ticket (er, seat) at the A-list affair.

Many say this year’s Met was a turning point, an official christening if you will that social media stars (and their celebrity power) are here to stay. The new crop of faces surely didn’t disappoint – ahead, we’ve got all your faves and their looks below.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae did start out as a Tik Toker, but she’s now also the star of He’s All That, co-founder of Item Beauty–which just launched in all Sephora doors–and has a hit single Obsessed on the air waves. Not to forget she has also been our Mane Muse. For her first Met Gala, she wore vintage Tom Ford styled by Law Roach, hair styling (a femme fatale wig) by Adir, and makeup by Mary Phillips.

Addison Rae Met Gala
via Getty

Dixie D’Amelio

Just Charlie’s sister no more! Dixie D’Amelio snagged her first Met Gala ticket and did not let us down, bringing drama in a feathered hair piece perfect for the occasion. The dress compliments of Masion Valentino, hair by Laura Polko and makeup by Patrick Ta.

Dixie D'Amelio

via Getty

Emma Chamberlain

She may have started out as a quirky YouTuber, by Emma Chamberlain’s proved her fashion chops over the past few years (these photos of Emma as our Mane Muse if you need more proof). Her first major runway show attendance was at Louis Vuitton–and she now has a partnership with them–so it’s no surprise she opted for the same designer for her first Met. We can’t get over the electric makeup by Kelsey Deenihan and hair by Laura Polko.

Emma Chamberlain Met Gala

via Getty

Nikkie de Jager

Another iconic Youtuber hit the carpet – Nikkie de Jager, who took over the scene with her incredible makeup transformations. The dress selected was perfectly on theme, a tulle Edwin Oudshoorn Couture dress inspired by the transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson, who was a leader in the Stonewall Riots. The hair (and that amazing hair piece!) was styled by David Lopez, and makeup by Mandy Nijland.

Nikkie de Jager

via Getty

Olivia Rodrigo

Although not technically a social media star– Olivia was a Disney darling first on the show Bizaardvark–Olivia rose to fame with her first hit song Driver’s License that blew up on Tik Tok. Since then, she’s released her number 1 selling album Sour and picked up a few VMAs just the night before. The sheer lace jumpsuit is Saint Laurent, sleek hairstyling by Clayton Hawkins and makeup by Molly Greenwald.

Olivia Rodrigo Met Gala

via Getty

Amanda Gorman

Ok ok we know Amanda Gorman is much more than a social star – she’s a poet after all who gave the most epic inaugural speech earlier this year – which caused her (and her social media following) to go downright viral. She brought the glam as a Met Gala Chairman for the night, with hair by LaRae, makeup by Joanna Simkin and a stunning cobalt blue Vera Wang gown.

Amanda Gorman

via Getty

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