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14 Times Solange’s Instagram Gave Us Mane Envy


Looking through Solange’s Instagram page is like walking through a colorful spacey wardrobe that leads to Narnia. Vibrant backdrops, mystical locations, supernatural lighting, artsy opulence — the singer’s posts are what all IG dreams are made of. It’s not just her storybook style gallery that keeps her follower count growing. Solange’s limitless number of hairstyles overfloweth with manespiration! One day, she’s rocking her ‘fro, the next she’s donning a massive wig, then the next day she’s wearing long micro braids. Nearly every other post, Solange features a different look, teaching all of her followers to slay endlessly, and slay often. See her best Instaglams below!

14. That time she defined chicness in its full form.

Solange Afro Green Dress

13. That time she taught our hair how to dance.


12. That time she gave us beach babe waves.

beach babe waves solange

11. That time her volume was on 10,000.

voluminous curls solange

10.  That time she gave us “cool girl” box braids with loose ends.

braids solange

9. That time she gave us bridal fever.

bridal hair solange

8. That time she looked like a work of art.

carefree solange bob hair afro bangs natural hair

7. That time her long box braids flowed through the wind as she morphed into a “ psychedelic fish scale in the desert.”


6. That time she gave us Ms. Ross.

diana ross solange afro natural hair

5. That time she made bedhead afros look flawless.

bed head afro solange natural hair

4. That time she gave us romance.

romantic solange afro natural hair

3. That time she gave us #shorthairgoals.

short afro solange natural hair

2. That time she switched it up with kinky-straight realness.

kinky straight hair solange natural hair brushed curls

1. That time she basically ruined us.



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