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HOW-TO: Sophia Bush’s Sleek Side Part by Peter Butler

Sophia Bush Golden Globes Sleek Side Part by Peter Butler

Sophia Bush looked modern and elegant at last night’s Golden Globe Awards. Mane Master Peter Butler breaks down how he created her look below.


“The inspiration for the look was super modern and chic. We decided on a low ponytail with a deep side part that was sleek and had added shine. The look is super modern chic and expensive! All of my favorite things!

  1. To begin, the hair was blown dry with no volume using the T3 PROi dryer, this dryer is perfect because it is lightweight and powerful.
  2. I then flat ironed the hair in medium-sized sections with the T3 SinglePass 2 Styling Iron to heat seal the cuticle and provide maximum shine while smoothing the look.
  3. I then secured the ponytail with a crochet elastic, we couldn’t take any chances of the ponytail falling out on the red carpet!”

2 minutes

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