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Is Your Spray Tan Drying Out Your Hair?

Beachy waves and sun-kissed skin are what summer dreams are made of. While we know better than to expose our skin to the sun’s harmful rays, we also want to achieve that perfect glow. Our only real option has become sunless tanning…but can spray tan be causing dry hair? Don’t let your spray tan formula ruin your beachy sun-kissed strands– we tapped the pros to dish on best the spray tan practices to reach all your #summergoals.

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“Spray tans can definitely do a number on your hair,” says hair pro  Linet K. Jenni Blafer, founder of Sunkissed by Jenni, agrees that sunless tanning can be the culprit when you experience dry hair. “It depends on the product and how often you are sunless tanning. Most sunless products either have alcohol or aloe as the base,” she explains. Alcohol laden formulas dry out our hair and you need to find tricks that won’t allow for the solution to seep into your hair.

“Many tanning products use ingredients that work great for your tan,” starts Feisal Qureshi, Raincry Founder & Creative Director, “but not always for your hair, resulting in dryness and damage.” His tip? Use a leave-in conditioner to protect and rehydrate your hair. He asks that you pay special attention to the hairline. This is the spot where your spray tan can overlap and be absorbed by your hair.  “If overlap occurs, use a cider-vinegar rinse (1 part cider-vinegar with 10 parts water) to help remove any excess tanning solution from your hair and help close your cuticle,” he concludes. He also suggests opting for a PH balanced charcoal shampoo that can gently absorb excess tanning solution from your hair without stripping.

Giovanni Vaccaro, Glamsquad’s Artistic Director says he feels like his “best self” when he has a bit of a glow, but he is very aware of the damage a fake tan can inflict on your mane. “Your hair should never be down when getting a spray tan,” he warns. “This can damage the ends and even tint your color a not-so-pretty orange. Always wear your hair up in a bun and use a disposable shower cap to protect it,” he suggests.

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