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These Will Be the 7 Biggest Hair Color Trends For Spring 2017

Basic balayage, rainbow-hued hair, and all-over one color—step aside. Spring has sprung and so have a slew of spirited colors we can’t wait to try. From iridescent highlights to bronze bronde and spicy watermelon pink, expect to spy these seven spring 2017 hair color trends everywhere. 



A post shared by Ryan Pearl (@ryanpearl23) on

 Who says brunettes can’t have that blonde kind of fun? Celebrity colorist Ryan Pearl from Cutler Salon NYC infused a deep brown with hints of pecan, ensuring to frame the face for added depth. 




A post shared by Cherin Choi (@mizzchoi) on

Last summer saw a spike in gem tones, but they’ve stepped up in a subtle yet sexy way. Cherin Choi from Benjamin Salon Arts District in LA heightened our standard of highlights when she made magical iridescent icicles out of them. 



A post shared by Tauni (@tauni901) on

 Glazed donuts don’t have anything on this bronze bronde (brown + blonde) by celebrity colorist Tauni from 901 Salon in West Hollywood. 



A post shared by Lorri Goddard (@lorrigoddard_) on

A dimensional strawberry blonde like the one celebrity colorist Lori Goddard gave Kiernan Shipka is a breath of fresh blonde for babes who want a break from sun-kissed.




A post shared by Erycka Ferreti (@eryckaferreti) on

 Gone are the days when grow-out on blondes was looked down upon. Now, a lot of root makes a ravishing platinum. Take it from Erycka Ferreti at Ramirez Tran Salon in LA, who blended a dark root with bangs for a statement-making contrast. We predict XL roots are about to be one of the cool girl  frontrunners when it comes to spring 2017 hair color trends.



A post shared by ANJA BURTON (@anjabee) on

 Anja Burton at Ramirez Tran Salon makes a drizzle of honey look divine. Brunettes looking to add dimension, take note—a splash of bleach bears beautiful results. 



A post shared by Megan Schipani (@shmeggsandbaconn) on

 Hot pink, been there. Pastel pink, done that. Spicy watermelon? Megan Schipani from Alchemy Hair Salon in Maryland just did that. The vibrant hue has tropi-cool written all over it and is sure to be one of the mega spring 2017 hair color trends.


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