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Your Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kit

Open your windows and let the sunshine in, it’s officially spring! Time to get down to some serious spring-cleaning business. This year, do yourself a favor and include your beauty cabinet in your routine—that way, your hair and vanity will be ready for the fun-and-sun-filled summer ahead. Let’s get started, shall we?

Clean Your Brushes

Yes, you should be cleaning your hair brushes! For a no-fuss cleanup, I use the Olivia Garden Hairbrush Cleaner, but for more of a deep clean, I gently rinse them in a bowl of warm water and shampoo (I like Fekkai Salon Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo because it smells amazing and cuts through product build-up).

The same applies to my makeup brushes. I regularly use a brush cleanser, like this one from MAC, but when they need extra TLC, I lather them up with warm water and the Fekkai shampoo.

Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo


To effectively spring-clean any area of your life, you have to be willing to let things go. When I’m tackling a project, like cleaning out my beauty cabinet(s), I trash anything that I think may have expired. Old makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause breakouts/eye infections if used past their date of expiration. For hair products, it can be a little harder to tell which products have expired, but we have a great guide for you, here.

expired hair products


If your product collection is less about expiry dates and more about product volume, consider only displaying one of each product and storing the rest in labeled containers. ‘Focused usage’ like this really allows me to get to know a product and in turn, helps me make better buying decisions. Plus, by focusing on quality over quantity, I’ve been able to shave off some getting-ready time in the AM.

*Pro tip: If I’m not sure about a product, often I’ll opt for a travel-size bottle first before committing to the real thing. Clutter problem, solved!

erica choi egg canvas


Winter and summer are entirely different animals, and hence call for entirely different beauty products. To limit the amount of products in my bathroom (and you should too!), now’s the time when I swap out deep-conditioning cremes with spring and summer favorites, like humidity shields and surf sprays.

beauty spring cleaning


As much as I’ve tried to pare down to the essentials,  there are always going to be those products that I don’t need everyday yet can’t afford to hide in a labeled container—either because they’re too pretty not to be displayed (ie. Rodin Luxury Hair Oil) or they’re once-in-a-while type products, like a treatment mask (my favorite right now is this one from Aesop). The solution to this dilemma? An acrylic organizer like Glam Box or a square cosmetic bag, like this one from MAC.

clear plastic beauty organizer

Check out these 20 products your beauty bag needs for spring.

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