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HOW-TO: Spring Hair Looks with Cory Kennedy and Castillo

Castillo Cory Kennedy Braid

Cory Kennedy is the pioneer of the slash generation. As an internet star slash stylist slash DJ slash designer slash model, Kennedy has also proven she looks great with nearly every hair color. Having donned platinum blonde, brunette, and red, this hair chameleon was ready to explore some new looks just in time for fashion week. Castillo used Bumble and bumble to transform her locks into three super wearable styles that are easy to recreate.

Castillo Cory Kennedy Styling Hair


  1. Cocktail Bumble and bumble Prep Primer, Thickening Hairspray and Surf Spray into the hair.
  2. Roughly blow dry the hairline, then follow with a round brush for added volume.
  3. Starting at the center part, french braid one section then continue adding hair to the french braid until you reach the back. Secure with a hair pin.
  4. French braid the other side, then secure with another pin, creating a crown effect.
  5. Apply Bumble and bumble Sumotech on fingers then loosen the braids, pulling pieces out for an airy effect.
  6. Use remaining Sumotech on fingers to clean up the hairline and hide any loose or stray strands.



  1. Cocktail Bumble and bumble Prep Primer, Thickening Hairspray, and Surf Spray into the hair, then roughly blow hair, directing it back.
  2. Apply Brilliantine at the ends, then flat iron to smooth just the ends.
  3. Take a section from either side and secure at the back of the head with hair pins.
  4. Tousle hair with Pret-a-powder and lightly back comb, directing the hair back, covering the hair pins.
  5. Finish the silhouette by tucking hair in your garment.


Side Part Red Brown Hair Castillo Cory Kennedy

  1. Cocktail Bumble and bumble Prep Primer, Thickening Hairspray, and Surf Spray into the hair and roughly blow dry with fingers.
  2. Create a deep side part and apply Semisumo into the hands, breaking up the hair from mid-shaft to ends.
  3. Finish with Cityswept Finish.

Would you wear any of Cory Kennedy’s new looks? Let us know which is your fav in the comments!


2 minutes

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