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These Are the Only Spring Hair Trends Worth Trying, According to Stylists

Spring is (almost) in the air! We’re more than ready for a change of season, especially because that gives us the opportunity to try all the incredible spring hair trends of 2021.

This fresh, vibrant season offers some unique haircut, color, and accessories trends—many of which we didn’t see coming. It’s time to switch up whatever style you’re rocking to celebrate the warmer weather and longer days.

Scroll below for all the spring hair trends worth trying this year, according to the world’s top stylists!

Wispy Fringe

We haven’t seen the last of bangs just yet. Celebrity stylist Justine Marjan mentions that wispy fringe will be all the rage this spring.

“I love this ’90s resurgence of fringe and its fresh take on the curtain bang trend we saw through the end of last year,” she shares. “Fringe is the perfect way to add something fresh to your hair without sacrificing length.”

’70s Bangs

Last year, we traveled back in time to soak up as much style inspiration as possible. The ’70s have made quite the resurgence when it comes to our hairstyles. And Sydney-based hair artist Chrisine Mai Tran is all about it.

“One of my favorite, and most requested haircuts, lately is the ’70s bangs,” she mentions. “They frame the face beautifully, giving the face a softer, youthful look. To add bounce, these soft bangs can be easily styled with a large size roller.”

Various Bang Styles

Bangs, bangs, bangs! Spring is all about the bangs, hair educator Mirella Manelli shares with us.

“I’m talking all kinds of bangs, whether they are curtain, blunt, sideswept, or textured,” she exclaims. “Bangs are a sure way to be trendy this spring and complement any haircut.”

Bold Face Frames

Colorist Rachel Bodt mentions that bold face frames are here to stay. We’ll be seeing a variety of takes on the money piece, especially during spring.

“It brightens up the face and gives that impact without having to dive nose first into bleach,” she notes. “Soft end lights help this look connected, sexy, and effortless.”

Full Blunt Cut

As we transition into a new season, there’s no better time to chop your locks. Blunt cuts will have their time in the spring and summer, according to hairstylist Lauren Grummel.

“A full blunt cut for summer styled with a hint of wave works well with most hair types,” she says.

French Bob With a Clean Edge

French girl style is something everyone wants to emulate. We’ve seen an uptick in the number of French bobs last year and Mirella believes there’ll be even more people with them this year, but with a blunt edge.

“This type of cut is classic and is always in style with variation, but I see it trending back to that edgy vibe that will make a statement,” she notes.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mullet

Mullets are not a moment. If anything, 2020 proved that the mullet is back and here to stay. Just ask celebrity hairstylist Iggy Rosales, who is a huge fan of the look.

“A lot of fashion kids have returned to embracing the rock ‘n’ roll mullets with strong texture and varying lengths in dusty, natural colors. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus are paying homage to our favorite rock gods of the past like Joan Jett, whilst street fashion in Paris is leaning more and more into the ’80s teen dream effect,” he points out.

Lavender Locks

When it comes to color, Christine is ready to see more pastel lavender locks this spring.

“A pop of color going into the spring months would be perfect for the warmer months to come,” she says. “It’s definitely worth a try! Plus it’s pretty easy to maintain. Ask your hair colorist for a pigmented lavender conditioner to maintain the color at home. I would recommend Evo Fab Pro.”

Sunny Balayage

For a playful color that is a little less high-maintenance, Lauren thinks it’s worth trying a sunny balayage.

“It’s perfectly sun-kissed and grows out seamlessly,” she notes.

Baby Gold

Baby gold is a great color to add some warmth and vibrancy to your new spring ‘do, shares Rachel.

“For the most part, people hate to see too much warmth on their hair,” she highlights. “But even if you have a super dark base, adding a little bit of warmth or tone to the highlights makes it softer and definitely less maintenance.”

Natural Hues

Iggy feels we’ll be seeing a decline in artificial shades to make way for more natural colors, especially due to the time we’ve spent cooped up indoors.

“We’re in a time of self-reflection, as we’ve stayed at home,” he says. “I think we’ll see that being reflected in people choosing low-maintenance color techniques that are easy for them to apply themselves or no color at all and sticking with their natural color.”

Grown Out Tresses

Rachel is also on board with more natural shades being a major spring hair trend this year, but ones that will grow out quite nicely. Embrace those roots!

“After being home and us constantly staring at our natural hair I think it went something like this: ‘OMG, I hate this’ to ‘wait, maybe it looks cool,'” she shares. “The longer the roots are, the more intentional it can look. Ask for a base drop to connect the line between grown out color and natural, so the line is diffused and seamless. If you are missing the pop, ask for soft baby lights on the ends of your hair, not on the roots, to give that extra glow.”

Pastel Shades

Mirella shares that pastels are always trending, though they’re a quintessential spring shade.

“Clients are still asking for silver variations and I see opalescent lavender making a huge hit for blondes,” she mentions. “Let’s not forget our brunette babes! Rosy blush brown highlights are a perfect shade to pastel up any brown pallet.”

Modern Hair Clips

You can’t waltz on into spring without some new hair accessories adorning your ‘do. Lauren has her eye on modern clips for the season.

“I’m loving modern clips,” she exclaims. “You can style with one clip or multiple.”

Y2K Accessories

Of course Y2K accessories will be a hot topic this spring. They’re perfect for the season, because they bring a playful touch to any look. Don’t believe us? Just ask Iggy and Mirella.

“I’ve been having lots of fun recently playing with Y2K-inspired accessories that bring back the same kind of fun you had with your toy collection as a kid,” Iggy shares. “Accessorized hair ties and colorful clips are super easy to apply and transform ponytails and braids into a fun experience.”

“Large claw clips, stretchy headbands, and barrettes can make a statement and enhance that effortless vibe we will see in spring. Talk about ’90s nostalgia,” Mirella notes.


All in all, Iggy really expects spring to be a time where self-experimentation takes the forefront. With everyone still at home, we have to do something to keep ourselves occupied. And Iggy believes we’ll see that reflected in our hair.

“What I’ve noticed during the COVID quarantine experience is people getting creative due to lack of resources,” he points out. “It’s wonderful to see through social media people experimenting with their own color and cuts whilst they wait for life to return to somewhat normal.”

Kylie Jenner has us believing honey brunette is the shade for spring. Find out why HERE!

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