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The Force Is Strong With These Star Wars-Inspired Hairstyles

May 4th is a few days away and you know what that means, it’s almost Star Wars Day! The Star Wars universe has been inspiring people for decades, even in the beauty industry. From Pat McGrath’s Star Wars makeup collection to ColourPop’s Mandalorian-inspired palettes, the influence of the franchise can be seen everywhere, even in hair. Ignite the force within you by browsing our favorite Star Wars-inspired hairstyles below.

The Classic Leia Buns

Princess Leia’s oversized bun hairstyle is the most recognizable hairstyle in the franchise. Go full cosplay or try a more relaxed take. Either way, Leia buns are an easy, attractive hairstyle to channel your love of the galaxy.

Rey’s Spacey Bubble Style

Rey’s hair in new Star Wars movies is absolutely amazing. Part samurai, part spacey, her signature bubble pony makes for an eye-catching style that can be worn for almost any occasion. Imagine this look dressed up for a night out, smoothed back for work, or tousled for the weekend. Rey’s signature hairstyle will make you feel as powerful as any Jedi.

Twi’lek Style Braids

Twi’leks are a humanoid species within the Star Wars universe, often recognized by what is called their “head tails.” Twi’leks appear in much of the franchise, including some of the newer Disney shows as well as various animated series. Here we see the use of box braids to emulate the head tails of the Twi’lek people. You can also try this with bubble pigtails or standard Dutch braids.

Channel Your Inner Ahsoka

Inspired by the characters Ahsoka Tano and Padme Amidala, this braid-centric style fits perfectly in the Star Wars universe. This original take on Ahsoka’s head tails along with Queen Amidala’s intricate braided styles is serving as major galaxy protector energy.

Padawan Braids

Not quite the Padawan learner, rat tail-esque braid, but a more fashion-friendly version. Braids are a big part of the styling within the Star Wars universe, and these simple braid strands remind us of a young Padawan by the name of Anakin.

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