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Stay Warm This Winter With a Red Hot Cinnamon Balayage

There’s nothing like a banging balayage to help bring in a brand new season. With these frigid temperatures, our tresses could use a little warming up. Cool tones are totally out this season. Instead, we’re opting for fiery flecks and rich red accents for winter. Bright blondes are a thing of the past. Take your balayage to the next level with a glowy cinnamon balayage—the holiday hair color we can’t get enough of. These six takes on red cinnamon balayage are the holiday hue every Mane Addict is dying to try.

1. Auburn Accents

Take your bubbly summer blonde to a deeper, richer shade. Auburn highlights add a bit of brightness to a warm brunette base.


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2. Spiced Shades

With hints of cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this toasty tone is ideal for cool winter weather. We’re loving the pop of this balayage against a blunt bob.


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3. Cinnamon Money Pieces

Take face-framing highlights to brave new heights. This reddish tint is just the tone to warm up a basic balayage. Dark brunette roots just melt into these fiery ends.


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4. Blended Brunette

That blend though. Notes of caramel, cinnamon, and spice combine seamlessly into one mega multidimensional hue. This decadent shade is a winter wonderland.


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5. Mahogany Mane

A mulled wine is perfect if you’re searching for a darker take on the red cinnamon balayage trend. A gradient of perfect purples and royal reds combines to create the ideal fall aesthetic.


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6. Sienna Strands

A cinnamon hue with a ginger twist. This burnt orange tinge is just the right amount of wild. The kind of balayage that is sure to keep you warm and toasty this winter.


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