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Steph Shep Looks Unrecognizable In These Sexy Hairstyles

The phrase “oddly satisfying” will mean something entirely different to you when you get to experience the magic of Steph Shep’s Rapunzel-long, glossy-black locks swaying in a Boomerang. But make no mistake—the girl is more to us than just a hair hero. A columnist for Elle and Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh, Steph is influencing the world beyond the everyday Instagram beauty product review and butt workout routine. Through efforts both online and out in the field, Steph is prudently using her platform to educate followers on global warming, plastic waste and menstrual inequality. For her 30th birthday, she rallied followers and friends to help give 30,000 panties to girls in need through Khana Panties, for which she’s a strategic advisor.

What started out as a photoshoot with photographer Carlos Eric Lopez turned into a celebration of Steph’s strong femininity with the added surprise of a new hairstyle—big, Diana Ross-esque curls. With a little help from Castillo, the switch from sleek strands to big, sexy hair, even for just a few hours, feels unforgettably fresh. But if you think she left her WonderWoman lasso locks behind, think again—a wind-blown snatched ponytail unlike one you’ve ever seen on her also makes a cameo. Here we get to know all of Steph’s hair secrets—like how she keeps it glassy and detangled 24/7, what she’s learned from her friend and our EIC Jen Atkin plus if she ever plans on cutting it into a blunt bob.

steph shep long snatched ponytail mane addicts carlos eric lopez

What’s your go-to shampoo and conditioner?

I’ve made the switch to shampoo and conditioner bars in an effort to limit my single use plastic. Right now, I’m using and loving the Godiva Shampoo Bar from Lush. It smells so bomb and gets my hair super clean. Bars are so easy to travel with too!

How often do you wash your hair?

Whenever it needs it. I’ve been using the Poosh x Aquis Hair Turban after I shower and it’s really changed my whole process. I only air dry my hair and it really helps soak up the water faster and it’s so light and easy to wear when I’m doing makeup or just being lazy around the house.

As someone with booty-long locks, what does your detangling process look like?

I use the OUAI Leave In Conditioner to detangle and my Yves Durif Brush.

Favorite hair perfume?

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist.

How long have you been growing your hair? Or how many years did it take to get THIS long?

I’ve had long hair pretty much my whole life. It really started to grow over the last few years because I haven’t been putting heat to it daily. I never use a flat iron or blow dryer if I don’t have to.

Do you ever plan on cutting your hair?

No, don’t tell Jen [Atkin].

What’s the most genius hair hack you’ve learned from Jen Atkin?

I am obsessed with wrapping hair around the base of my pony tail to hide the elastic hair band. Jen taught me to use a little bobby pin at the end of your wrap section and you kinda wrap the hair around the bobby pin and stick it in and it holds it—so you’re not using 600 pins to secure the hair wrap. That’s a terrible description, I’ll have to do a video to explain.

What does your long hair mean to you? 

It’s my security blanket lol.

What hair products/tools are always in your purse?

My SLIP Slipsilk Scrunchie! I have one in every bag and every pocket.

How do you get your hair looking SO SHINY all. the. damn. time?

I get it from my mama! … and Cass Kaeding for always blessing me with a gloss and conditioning treatment. Oh, I also love the Biosilk Silk Therapy Original– I put that on my hair right after I towel dry when it’s still a little damp.

Who’s your celebrity hair crush?

Any of Bryce Scarlett’s clients! He is a god and all of his clients have the most perfect looks.

Hair: Castillo; Makeup: Katie Danza; Photographer: Carlos Eric Lopez.

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