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‘Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke Has THE Perfect Summer-to-Fall Hairstyle

Bid your brilliant balayage adieu, kiss those bouncy waves goodbye- summer is coming to a close. With the warm weather fading fast, it’s time to transition those tresses from bright and beachy to something a little more fall-centric.  Lucky for us, breakout Stranger Things star Maya Hawke has already found the perfect look. This Hollywood newcomer has  some serious style, and with parents like Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke it’s not hard to see why. It’s basically in her blood. Her latest tousled lob is giving us all the inspo we need to take our locks through this seasonal transition. We sat down with LA hairstylist Bobby Eliot to discuss how he created Maya’s killer mane.


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The Inspiration

“The inspiration for Maya haircut was an Anna Karina image from the 60’s. An effortless chic French bob with a fringe,” says Eliot. For resident cool girl Maya Hawke, effortlessness comes naturally. “We wanted the fringe to lay just right at the brow bone and to have a slightly rounded feel to hug her bone structure around the cheek bone” Eliot shares, “the rounded edge is key to having the French vibe.”

The Cut

Eliot recommends putting the basic shape of the cut on wet hair first, leaving a little length for the hair to bounce back when it dries. “You can always go a little shorter! Biggest mistake is when people don’t leave a little slack and end up too short.” Eliot says. He emphasizes the importance of refining and customizing the cut once it dries as well. “This is where you can decide if you need it slightly shorter or lighter” says Eliot, “to make this look a little softer I slightly pointed into the fringe and bob length.” The real key to perfecting this lob, however, is nailing the fringe. “For this look it had to be on the fuller side” Eliot explains, “you don’t want it to look see through or too wispy.” Eliot suggests cutting the hair section by section parallel to the angle you want to achieve the ideal bang. For Maya, he went for a simple, blunt, one length dusting with a light minimal layer coming from the fringe.


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The Style

“We’ve styled this hair cut super sleek and shiny with a 60’s bevel under and also with lots of texture” Eliot shares. To get that sleekness, Eliot works with Sam McKnight Cool Girl texturing spray and Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray Multitasking Hair Mist for the ultimate lived in texture. “I also love RandCo Badlands dry shampoo paste,” says Eliot “I love to apply a small amount and massage at the root for lift and volume.”

The Color

There’s no secret formula to Maya’s signature bronde. Her locks are au natural. However, Eliot recommends asking your stylist for baby lights to mimic Maya’s lovely hue. “The key is to make it look like you’re sun kissed. As natural looking as possible!” Eliot says.

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